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Amid Real Housewives Controversy, Mary Cosby's Estranged Parents Break Silence With Some Wild Claims

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Mary Cosby has headlined the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City for two seasons now. But she might not be asked back for a third after skipping the latest reunion taping. According to franchise EP and reunion host Andy Cohen, her absence was due to her not feeling the “gratitude” amidst the racial controversy and fan backlash surrounding her. In the latest turn of events, though, it's Cosby's estranged parents that have broken their silence with some pretty wild claims regarding their reality star offspring.

As Mary Cosby told it on the show, the story of how she married her former step-grandfather decades ago was a tad unconventional, as she claimed that it was the at the behest of her grandmother (since passed), who wanted Cosby (and not Cosby's own mom) to inherit her church empire. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star also suggested at one point that the decision created divide amongst her family and resulted in her not speaking to her mother in 20+ years. However, her parents decided to speak out all on their own in a new tell-all interview with Up and Adam!, and their allegations complicate Cosby’s story somewhat.

Mary Cosby's Parents Allege She Was Bribed By Her Husband

In a teaser for the interview, Mary Cosby's parents tackled the insinuations made about them on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. They were essentially both frank in claiming that it was simply “not true” that they were jealous of and/or upset by Cosby being the supposed Chosen One of her grandmother. Rather, they suggested that their daughter was coerced with bribery tactics to marry her husband Robert Cosby, Sr, saying,

Mary was not Robert Cosby's first choice. She does not want to be married to her step-grandfather. Never did wanna be married to him. He convinced her with, ‘Mama wanted you to marry me. By the way, here's a couple hundred thousand dollars and it's your birthday, here's a brand new BMW for you to go with it.’

People have done stranger things for money in the world of reality TV, so the stipulations of the claim itself aren't all that out there. But saying $200K and a new car were specifically what turned Robert and Mary Cosby's marriage into a reality is another thing entirely.

Estranged Parents Of Real Housewives Alum Indicate Who Is The Real Victim

Despite the bribery intimations, the alienated parents of the often-controversial reality star stated that they don't hold a grudge for what their daughter says and does. In fact, they went so far as to say that the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City alum “is a victim” due to the circumstances of her marriage. Fans aren’t exactly viewing Mary Cosby that way lately, though. They had actually expressed a lot of anger and resentment toward Cosby for certain racially insensitive comments she's made in recent episodes. It's unclear if the interview with her parents, which will be released in full later in the day, will address those issues specifically.

Mary Cosby’s Mom And Dad Speak On “Cult” Church Allegations

Perhaps the most damning of the statements made by Mary Cosby's parents (so far) entail the accusations brought up on-screen by her Real Housewives of Salt Lake City co-stars saying that she runs a cult church. Castmate Lisa Barlow actually introduced a former church member on the show who alleged that Cosby and her husband scammed him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The pastor has refuted the rumors entirely, but her parents alleged themselves that the church is indeed a cult and included an ominous warning for their daughter, adding,

She better remove herself very quickly. Because under Bob Cosby, it is a cult.

It sounds like the making for a completely different kind of reality-based project, doesn't it?

Apparently, Love Isn't Totally Lost Between Mary Cosby And Her Parents

Given her parents’ remarks in the tell-all, it doesn't sound as though they have ill will or malicious intent towards Mary Cosby. If anything, it sounds like they've been concerned for her. However, it's unlikely that Cosby might appreciate their revelations amidst an already controversial time for her. Especially considering how she reacted to her own co-stars that she regularly communicated with bringing up her marriage and church on the public forum. Regardless, though, Cosby’s mom wanted to send a specific message to her, saying (with the same kind of ominious tone)

Just tell her that I love her and I want her to get away from that man.

Mary Cosby's time on the Real Housewives with Salt Lake City is seemingly nearing its end, so it's not entirely certain if she will comment on her parents’ interview either on- or off-screen. But who knows? Crazier and unexpected things have happened where Mary Cosby is concerned. Check out the full interview when it drops on the Up and Adam! YouTube at 5 p.m. EST.

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