After Turning Down Scream 6, Neve Campbell Is Reteaming With Lincoln Lawyer's Creator For A New Show

Earlier this summer, it was revealed that Scream franchise star Neve Campbell would not be returning for the sixth movie, shocking fans of the beloved scream queen and her character Sydney Prescott. However, that decision is proving to be a good thing for TV viewers, because the actress has landed the lead role in a new series that has her teaming up again with The Lincoln Lawyer creator David E. Kelley!

Neve Campbell is now set to head up ABC’s new drama series Avalon, according to Deadline. Based on the short story of the same name from Lincoln Lawyer author Michael Connelly — I sense a pattern here — the series comes from legal drama mastermind David E. Kelley, who created the Netflix hit that starred Campbell among its cast members. Avalon has already received a straight-to-series order from ABC, so fans are already guaranteed to see this creative reunion in the future. 

The upcoming series is set in the city of Avalon, set on Catalina Island, where Neve Campbell will portray Nicole “Nic” Searcy, a detective within the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The island has been privy to its fair share of noteworthy events and stories, as an attention-grabbing tourist spot for many years, and Detective Searcy will find herself in the middle of a just such a noteworthy mystery that will be the apex of the lone detective's career, while putting into focus everything she thinks she knows about the island.

Campbell and Kelley are definitely a solid duo, especially with Michael Connelly serving up source material, considering how The Lincoln Lawyer crushing its streaming competition after first hitting Netflix, despite some negative-to-middling reviews from critics. The series marked Campbell’s first TV role since Netflix's House of Cards in 2017, and it's already sparking more small screen projects. 

As mentioned above, Neve Campbell shocked fans when it was announced she wouldn’t be returning as fan-favorite final girl Sidney Prescott in the upcoming Scream 6. Campbell recently explained her reasoning for not returning to the franchise, noting she didn’t feel valued enough, with her pay offer falling short of what she'd expected. It was definitely a disappointment, yet an understandable move for any female star to make, and Scream 6's Melisa Barrera defended her decision.

Although it'll be tough to not see Neve Campbell in the new Scream film, she seems to be keeping plenty busy on television otherwise. The Lincoln Lawyer has already been renewed for a second season, which will reportedly be based on Michael Connelly’s The Fifth Witness. Campbell will be recurring in that season, as she will likely be busy with ABC's Avalon. She is also set to recur in the upcoming Peacock series Twisted Metal, based on the popular video game franchise.

More details on the ABC series, including other cast members, have yet to be revealed, but we'll hopefully hear more in the coming months. It’s unknown when in the future Avalon will premiere, but it doesn't seem like it'll be hard to get this one up and running. But in the meantime, you can also see what the rest of the OG Scream cast has been up to if you can’t get enough of them.

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