After WWE's Charlotte Flair Defended Her Locker Room Confidence, Becky Lynch Called B.S.

Becky Lynch with her Women's Championship Belt
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Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch aren’t on good terms, both from a kayfabe character and real-life perspective. Weeks after the two WWE superstars had a backstage altercation that has kept fans curious, the Women’s champions of SmackDown and Raw will go head-to-head at Survivor Series in what could be one of the must-see matches of the year. The anticipation is only building, as Lynch recently caught wind of Flair’s justification for her alleged behavior backstage, and decided to call bullshit on the way her coworker went about presenting her recent comments.

It took weeks for Charlotte Flair to respond to allegations saying she’s challenging to work with backstage, but when Flair finally spoke, she offered no apologies. Instead, Flair wondered if the criticisms about her confident nature were due to her being a woman, and asked if she’d still get that criticism if she were a man. Becky Lynch posted an answer for Flair on Twitter, and put simply, she doesn’t agree with her past and future opponent. 

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Whether or not she's completely sincere, Becky Lynch is playing her part by further building the feud in Survivor Series, though I’m not sure this story needed anything else to stoke the flames. The two are only weeks removed from the SmackDown title exchange in which Charlotte Flair allegedly went off-script and taunted Lynch in the ring rather than handing over the belt with zero drama, as it was originally scripted. The incident caused a real backstage confrontation between Lynch and Flair, and Flair was ultimately escorted from the building by security. 

Reports on the event alleged that Charlotte Flair had issues with merely switching over her title to Becky Lynch and voiced that to WWE decision-makers ahead of the segment, even though the plans weren’t changed. Flair then allegedly decided to do what she wanted anyway, which is fairly taboo within the wrestling world, as going off-script can create unplanned chaos in professional wrestling when not everyone is on the same page, or worse, break the illusion of the performance. It’s not something someone else in the WWE locker room would do, at least, according to Becky Lynch. 

The question I’m sure all wrestling fans will ask after seeing the above tweet is whether or not this was Becky Lynch speaking her honest thoughts or her trying to promote the two’s match ahead of Survivor Series. Obviously, the WWE likes to lean into certain real-world inspirations for storylines when it can, though sometimes in doing so, the original drama can come across seeming fake or orchestrated. Plus, Becky Lynch is well-known for stirring the pot via Twitter, so is this her legitimately calling Charlotte Flair out or just a tweet to build the storyline? 

Personally, I think it’s a little of both, though I do hope on some level the two reach an understanding and reconnect the bond they once shared at some point. Can’t we just go back to enemies in the ring and friends backstage

WWE’s Survivor Series will stream on Peacock on Sunday, November 21st at 8:00 p.m. ET. Get excited for a great night of wrestling as we watch and see if SmackDown or Raw is the dominant brand.

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