Wait, Could Becky Lynch Face-Off With A WWE Hall Of Famer?

Becky Lynch with her Women's Championship Belt
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Becky Lynch is back in the WWE, and The Man has already caused quite a stir with her SummerSlam return and subsequent heel turn. She’s picked fights with Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair, and now she’s even picking fights on social media with former Superstars who aren't even wrestling in the WWE anymore. Lynch took shots at WWE Hall of Famer Lita on Twitter, and now we’re wondering if the two badasses are on a collision course for a future match. 

It all started Saturday evening when Lita (real name Amy Dumas) shared an article on Twitter about dream match-ups she could have in the ring should she ever return. Lita asked fans who they’d like to see her take on, which is when Becky Lynch made her grand entrance by replying with the following:

I’ll send you off with a bad arm if you like.

Boom! The statement was certainly a threat to Lita, though not one that’s out of character for Becky Lynch's current status. As mentioned, Lynch is in a heel phase, and as such, would love nothing more than to destroy a returning WWE Legend in
what would potentially be Lita's final match. 

Lita, one of the more dominant female WWE Superstars of her era as part of Team Extreme and beyond, wasn’t phased or upset by the comment. In fact, she welcomed the competition from Becky Lynch, although her comment didn’t seem to directly imply she’s looking to bring that fight to a WWE ring. 

Well, if you happen to find yourself in the neighborhood tomorrow…

Becky Lynch and Lita’s back-and-forth exchange might have just been some playful ribbing between athletes, given Lynch was mentioned in the article as a prospective match choice. But who knows? WWE superstars often use social media to tease fans about future events, as well as trying to manifest hype for matches they want to happen. A retirement match for Lita against Becky Lynch would be a fitting send-off for the Hall of Famer, as well as a way to further rectify the disrespectful retirement match she was part of in 2006. 

Lita’s first retirement match was against Mickie James at Survivor Series 2006, and it ended in a loss to James. To add insult to injury, tag-team duo Cryme Tyme strolled out to further insult the wrestler, which still didn't sit well with Lita years later (via Stillrealtous.com). She'd expressed to Vince McMahon and others in advance that she didn’t like how they booked her exit, but the plan went through anyway, "ho sale" and all. Lita did return to the WWE to wrestle later on, appearing in a 10-woman tag-match back in 2018. 

Win or lose — but hopefully win — Lita could get a fitting retirement match against Becky Lynch if this social media dialogue becomes a real-life bout. It’s no secret that Lynch is booked as one of WWE’s top women, so Lita holding her own as a Hall of Famer veteran would be a great addition to her legacy. I could see it booked as the Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair retirement match for a new generation, but we’ll have to wait and see if this is actually planted seeds for a future feud, or if it was just jawing between two fan-favorite wrestlers. 

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