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Ahead Of Heels Season 2 Filming Start, Stephen Amell Revealed His Pretty Brilliant Off-Day Activities

Jack Spade in Heels.
(Image credit: Starz)

Heels gave Stephen Amell a great opportunity to combine his passions with his talents, and the actor and longtime wrestling fan proved he had quite the knack for the ring in the Starz’s drama Heels. Playing Jack Spade requires him to stay in pretty good shape — just like his longtime role in Arrow did. Amell seems to know the power of a good off day, however, and his rest-day activities, which he recently mentioned on social media, were on point.

The cast of Heels also includes Alexander Ludwig as Amell's Jack's brother Ace, Kelli Berglund as current DWF champion Crystal, and Alison Luff as Jack’s wife Staci. They're gearing up for Season 2, and anybody who follows Amell on social media has likely seen him post about his workouts as he prepares to play the heel in his family’s independent wrestling league once again. But it’s not “all work and no play” for Amell, who recently shared his off-day activities on Twitter

The whole ‘no days off’ thing is stupid. I took yesterday off. Watched 13 episodes of Breaking Bad. Had pancakes for dinner. Believe me… take the occasional day off.

It sounds like Stephen Amell got what he needed from that rest day, and it’s so true that taking a day to relax and maybe veg out in front of the TV can really help your mind and body heal. (Also maybe I’m trying to convince myself that pancakes for dinner is a great idea.)

While I very much appreciate Stephen Amell’s choice of off-day viewing, I’m not sure Breaking Bad would be my go-to series to relax to, but I can’t argue with the quality. I’m not sure how many days off Stephen Amell has taken (not many, judging from his social media posts), but there’s no doubt Jack Spade is going to be ready to rile up the crowd again when Heels Season 2 starts filming. Amell tweeted a photo of a clapper from the Season 2 set, indicating the cast and crew are ready to go. I can hear the entrance music now!  

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Ring the bell indeed! It’s unknown what Season 2 of the Starz drama will bring, but the Season 1 ending left plenty up in the air between Jack and Ace Spade. Heels’ first season had plenty of sibling rivalry, backstabbing, family secrets being revealed, and even an appearance by pro wrestler CM Punk. The season ended with a twist when Ace again turned on Jack in the ring, allowing Crystal to grab the DWF belt for herself. 

Season 2 of Heels is set to premiere sometime in 2022, but an official premiere date hasn’t yet been announced. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest news, including what’s going on with the new season of Heels, and check back to our 2022 TV schedule to see when that and other new and returning series will premiere.

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