How Stephen Amell Celebrated Wrapping Season 1 Of His New Wrestling Show

Stephen Amell on Arrow

Heels is shaping to be a good thing for Stephen Amell, who is currrently in the midst of his first post-Arrow role. Since starting production, the actor hasn’t been able to contain his excitement for the Starz wrestling series. Given his constant updates, the fans argubaly haven't seen Amell this hyped up since the ending of Arrow. Which make sense considering the upcoming show is a labor of love for the outspoken wrestling fan. And recently, Amell took to social media to celebrate the wrap-up of the wrestling show’s first season.

Stephen Amell has spent months working on Heels, and it looks like he's enjoyed the process, despite an injury or two. It's been fun to see the Arrow star keep fans in the loop as the Starz series pushed forward in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The actor recently took to Twitter to announce the wrap-up of Season 1. Check out the post below:

As previously alluded to, Stephen Amell’s latest post is just one of many behind-the-scenes photos he’s shown over the last few months. Most of them have been filled with smiles and wrestling rings as he documented the Season 1 progress. The actor’s love for professional wrestling undoubtedly made the new series more of a dream project rather than a typical job. Amell seems to have more of a connection to Heel compared to Arrow, though hat doesn’t mean the actor wasn’t fond of his time on The CW series, as evidenced by a recent tribute to Oliver Queen.

The new Starz show seemed to be the right move for Stephen Amell after almost a decade in the Arrowverse. His new role has allowed him to tap into his love of wrestling while pushing him toward the next chapter of his career. But Heels' wrestling connection went beyond just a love for the sport, as WWE veteran CM Punk even joined the cast. Based on Amell’s constant posting from the set, he seemed to be enjoying his new role. I must give kudos to the actor for being able to take his love for wrestling and channel it into his current project.

While Arrow and Heels are opposite ends of the spectrum, Stephen Amell has managed to keep up with physically demanding roles. Despite the injuries on set, it looks like spending a decade as the Green Arrow has really paid off. Those Arrowverse stunts have surely made the wrestling aspect of Heels seem like less of a challenge for him. However, as an avid wrestling fan, Amell has likely been preparing for this moment for decades.

Recently, some first peek photos from the show were released with fans going crazy over Stephen Amell and Alexander Ludwig in their wrestling shorts. Along with CM Punk, JAG alum David James Elliott will play Amell’s father. With so many new developments, the Starz wrestling series has finally come together, allowing production to finish despite some early setbacks. With Season 1 wrapped, we can only hope the wrestling series will be just as successful as his stint on Arrow.

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