Along With Emily VanCamp's Return, The Resident Has Added A Brat Pack Alum To Season 5

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Fox medical drama The Resident is going to be seeing some big changes in the remaining episodes of Season 5. On top of Emily VanCamp’s return in the upcoming finale, Brat Pack alum Andrew McCarthy has joined the cast.

Via Deadline, Andrew McCarthy will recur in the final three episodes of Season 5 of The Resident as Dr. Ian Sullivan. As a charming and narcissistic pediatric surgeon of considerable talent, he plays hero to his patients at the hospital, but his relationship with his daughter isn't so straightforward. That's not surprising, as The Resident's official Twitter account reveals that his daughter is none other than Cade. 

If The Resident is renewed for a sixth season, McCarthy’s role reportedly has the potential of being upped to series regular. Since we still don’t know too much about Cade and her backstory, introducing her surgeon father could be the perfect way to air out any other secrets that she’s hiding.

Dr. Kincaid “Cade” Sullivan was first introduced last fall as the newest ER doc at Chastain. Last month we got a bit into her backstory and found out that she went undercover as an FBI operative to help track down the mafia in Medicare fraud. Now with her dad coming into the picture, we’ll presumably be getting a lot deeper into her story. 

The news of the addition of McCarthy comes shortly after the announcement that Emily VanCamp will return in the finale in the form of flashbacks. With Conrad still struggling to move on from the love of his life, the episode will take fans back to just after Gigi was born. It’s definitely going to be emotional, but seeing Nic back will be nice.

Andrew McCarthy is known as being part of the 1980s group of young actors called the Brat Pack. The group, consisting of McCarthy, Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, and Ally Sheedy, were known to appear in coming-of-age films together.

Aside from that, McCarthy has also appeared on Gossip Girl, Good Girls, Lipstick Jungle, and 13 Reasons Why, among others. He has also directed episodes of shows including Good Girls, Condor, The Blacklist, Orange Is the New Black, and Lipstick Jungle.

There is no word yet on a Season 6 of The Resident, but news can come at any time now. Hopefully, there is another season since it seems like Dr. Ian Sullivan could make for some very interesting storylines, especially if Cade turns out to be the next love interest that Conrad pursues.

Fingers crossed that news on a sixth season comes out soon, but in the meantime, new episodes of The Resident air on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on FOX! Andrew McCarthy’s first episode airs on Tuesday, May 3. Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to look forward to.

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