Britney Spears Continues Feud With Sister Jamie Lynn In Now-Deleted Instagram Post

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Britney Spears has been taking time lately to focus on the good things in her life following the end of her 13-year conservatorship. That includes focusing on her fitness and shouting out fiancé Sam Asghari for sticking by her side. The possibly retired pop singer’s troubles aren’t all behind her, however, as her feud with younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears is still boiling below the surface. Britney recently posted — then deleted — her latest message to the Zoey 101 actress, vowing to put her little sister in her place.

Tensions have been high between the sisters ever since Britney Spears’ conservatorship ended, and the “Baby One More Time” singer accused members of her family for allowing the abuse to go on for too long. The release of Jamie Lynn Spears’ memoir, Things I Should Have Said only made things worse between the pair, as Jamie Lynn revealed stories about her older sister that Britney claimed were untrue, prompting the latter to call her little sister “a scum person.” The now-deleted Instagram post in question (via Mirror) showed Britney walking back the name-calling but still demanding answers.

I'm sorry I called you scum but why did you lie about when I went home ??? It’s like you’re going out of your way to lie about me and make me look bad.

The “scum” comment followed an interview Jamie Lynn Spears gave when promoting her book, in which she recalled a time when she claimed Britney Spears locked them in a room while brandishing a knife. The older sister disputed that had actually happened, and said Jamie Lynn had reached a “whole new level of low.” In the recent Instagram post, Britney issued a warning to the former child actress, calling her a “sassy ass.” 

You acted like you owned that household and I’m sorry you were too much … I know dad has taken a back seat because he doesn’t do the conservatorship anymore so I guess you’re feeling that your little sassy ass can boss them around, but I’m here as your older sister to keep it real with you and put you in your place !!

Jamie Lynn Spears has previously said that she’s tried to handle this situation privately with Britney Spears, but it’s hard to know with all the back-and-forth and accusations of lying what all has really gone down in the Spears family. One thing is for sure — Britney does not trust the people involved with her conservatorship, and that includes her mother Lynne Spears. Britney’s now-deleted post expressed disbelief over the ongoing feud with her sister at a time when she knows her actions are being so closely scrutinized.

Right when people are just counting down the seconds until I do something wrong, you come out and literally say hurtful things about me lying. That’s being so unsupportive and it’s kind of insane. I’m honestly wondering if this is all a joke and you’re testing me because this is so far from you it’s not even funny.

It’s really a sad situation, and given the public nature of the feud and the extreme nature of some of the accusations, there’s likely not an easy solution for Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears. No matter how the situation between the sisters plays out, however, we just like to see Britney speaking her truth and taking advantage of her newfound freedom, purple hair, vacations and all!

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