American Ninja Warrior: 15-Year-Old 'Guat Ninja' Tells Emotional Adoption Story And Races For The Warped Wall In New Episode Clip

American Ninja Warrior has officially returned for Season 14, and the premiere alone was proof that the show has found new ways (with new obstacles) to challenge the best of the best competitors. Even getting past a few obstacles is a major accomplishment, but 15-year-old Jacob "Guat Ninja" has his eye all the way on the Warped Wall in the exclusive clip from the next episode of American Ninja Warrior (seen above), which also reveals his touching backstory in a Guatemalan orphanage, and how he's now giving back. Check it out!

Season 14 of ANW kept the rule change from last season that allowed ninjas as young as 15 to try their hand at the full course, and Jacob Arnstein will be the youngest of the night on the second episode that airs on Monday, June 13 on NBC. His age hasn't kept him from making a big difference, not only in distinguishing himself as an ANW competitor but also in raising money for the Guatemalan orphanage that he came from at just 15 months old. There's surely no better way for an aspiring ANW winner to raise funds than with his own ninja course. 

With his friends and family both in the U.S. and back in Guatemala watching on, how could anybody not wish good luck for Jacob Arnstein to hit that buzzer on top of the Warped Wall? As it turns out, however, he didn't need any luck, because he had the all the skill he needed after all his training (and experience on American Ninja Warrior:  Junior). 

He avoided The Serpent at Split Decision, which took down plenty of ninjas in the Season 14 premiere (which you can revisit streaming with a Peacock subscription and/or a Hulu subscription), and had no trouble with Domino Effect. He slowed down a bit on Piston Plunge – which nobody else had gotten past to that point – but made it up to and to the top of the Warped Wall. Congratulations to the Guat Ninja for beating the wall and becoming the first to hit the buzzer in the second episode of Season 14! 

Jacob Arnstein is just further proof that lowering the age requirement to 15 brought in a new wave of competitors who are just as capable as the adult ninjas at tackling obstacles. He's also only one of the ninjas who will give everything in the second episode of Season 14 as the qualifiers continue. It's hard to imagine that many people will beat his time, even if they are able to hit the buzzer, but it's always wise to expect the unexpected when it comes to ANW. In fact, that's as true for ninjas trying new obstacles for the first time as it is for viewers from home! 

Season 14 delivered a history-making run in the premiere with a teenage competitor beating the existing record as the youngest woman to hit the buzzer, and with competitors like superhero stuntwoman Jessie Graff still on the way, there's clearly a lot to look forward to. Check out the next full episode of American Ninja Warrior on Monday, June 13 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC in the 2022 TV premiere schedule

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