American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe Shares Sweet Post With His Latest Road Tripping Partner: His Mother

Mike Wolfe doing an interview on History's American Pickers.
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American Pickers star Mike Wolfe is known to go on road trips with a pal or two. There’s his brother Robbie, with whom he stars opposite in newer episodes of the History series after previous partner Frank Fritz’s exit was confirmed. Then, there’s his dog, Francie, who makes for an adorable road-tripping partner. This week, the reality added another passenger seat partner: his mother. Yes, it's about as cute as you'd expect.

Sons doing sweet things for or with their mothers usually inspire plenty of awws, and this is no exception. In fact, it seems particularly fitting that Wolfe swung to pick his mother Rita up for their trip in a vintage car. You can see the sweet post he shared to his Instagram Story, below. 

Mike Wolfe's mom traveling with him for American Pickers.

(Image credit: Mike Wolfe, Instagram Story)

Whilst out on their adventure, the two did hit a bit of a rough weather patch during the drive to Bellevue, Iowa, but that doesn't seem to have deterred their fun. In fact, he said his mom was “calm” even through the storm and shared a look at some of the bad weather they encountered on the road. 

Mike Wolfe got caught in a storm with his mother.

(Image credit: Mike Wolfe, Instagram)

Rita and Mike have been seen doing public activities together in the past. In fact, though Wolfe has been reticent to share a lot of his dating activities after his divorce from Jodi Faeth, there were photos taken of himself, his partner Leticia Cline, and his mother out about around this time last year. Those were taken at a festival near and around Le Claire, Iowa, where Wolfe lives. 

Of course, as noted prior, Mike’s mom isn’t the only adorable partner he’s brought on the road in recent months. The man spends a lot of time in his car, and he often has another adorable road tripping partner with him. (No, not Robbie...) 

In fact, his social media posts are peppered with Mike Wolfe’s canine pal Francie going along for rides,  as well as rides with other family members. In a separate post at the Davenport Antique Motorcycle Meet, Wolfe brought Francie along over the long holiday weekend as well. So man’s best friend and man’s best mom were both at his side.  

Francie hangs out with Mike Wolfe on a Road Trip

(Image credit: Mike Wolfe, Instagram.)

There’s a new season of American Pickers currently airing with Mike and Robbie taking to the road and trying to find the best of finds. Though Robbie is the new guy on the road for the show, Frank Fritz’s exit still looms, particularly giving Fritz’s recent stroke and hospitalization. There’s been some struggles with American Pickers fans, exacerbated by comments from the former Pickers star, who allegedly  wasn’t super happy about Wolfe breaking the news of his stroke.

After seeing a decline in the ratings following Frank Fritz’s exit, there has been an upswing for Pickers’ numbers recently, though it’s worth noting the show was off the air over Labor Day weekend. Probably a sound call, as a lot of people were on the road, Mike Wolfe and his mother included.

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