American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe May Not Have Frank Fritz Around Anymore, But He Does Have An Adorable Road Tripping Partner

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe has been back on the air this TV season, albeit sans his former road-tripping partner Frank Fritz. In that time, however, Wolfe has landed himself a new partner to take to the roads with–and no I’m not talking about his brother Robbie. Instead, I’m talking about his cute pupper Francie. 

In a new post, the History personality recalled bringing Francie into his life two years ago. That was a time of change for many people, as Covid caused disruptions on many fronts. That was true for TV personalities as well, as the entertainment ground to a half for a time. Mike Wolfe also went through a divorce during this period, and  Wolfe landed a canine pal in this period.

Mike Wolfe actually got Francie the same year that his TV partner's final episode aired. Frank Fritz had stepped back from American Pickers, initially of his own accord. The reality TV personality was dealing with some personal troubles, including getting sober, working through a break-up, and having back surgery. Ultimately though, after Fritz says he went to rehab and recovered, the History series did not invite him back.

That may have been the end of the story; however, Frank Fritz fired back with claims about why he was let go, eventually leading other American Pickers star Danielle Colby and Mike Wolfe to explain their sides of the firing story. Ultimately, the show returned to the TV schedule with Wolfe’s brother Robbie and new episodes have been airing on History in the time since, and it's been great to see Francie joining him on the road. 

Francie Joe Wolfe is a border collie and she’s popped up occasionally on Mike Wolfe’s Facebook and Instagram feeds in the past. Though we've seen her on the road, there’s certainly something sweet about catching her literally in the car traversing around with her famous pops. In a previous post, Wolfe revealed Francie had come into his life at the right time, noting about his “best friend”:

Love me some Francie Joe Wolfe. Right by my side Thru thick and thin. This little rascal came into my life when I needed her most. God has blessed me with a best friend. Many miles and smiles with this one.

Plenty of celebrities have cute pups with their own followings, Chris Evans loves spotlighting his best friend Dodger and Henry Cavill’s oft travels with his aptly-named dog Kal. But Francie’s a particularly notable star in her own right, and I hope Mike Wolfe keeps these road trippin’ looks coming. She’s certainly offers a different traveling companion vibe than Frank.

Jessica Rawden
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