Amid Talk Of TV Return, Wendy Williams Stepped Out In Public To Show Off Recovery

Over the last few months, reports have continuously circulated that Wendy Williams was suffering from severe mental and physical decline. Guest hosts temporarily filled in on her daytime talk show in the last season, but there were no appearances made by the namesake host herself. Eventually, the decision was made by Debmar-Mercury to cancel The Wendy Williams Show and replace her with Sherri Shepherd in the time slot. But Williams is not down-and-out just yet. After talk of a potential TV return, she has since stepped out in public to show off her recovery.

The 57-year-old in fact promised at one point that her TV comeback would only take three months’ time. (June, in other words.) As for her supposed deteriorating health, she flat-out denied all the rumors and quipped that she has the “mind and body of a 25-year-old.” And it would seem to be the case – if social media appearances are any indication. In a new Instagram post, Wendy Williams was up and about and smiling for the camera. She also, interestingly, captioned the post by only saying “Ready” with a big grin emoji. See the pic here:

But the question remains: ready for what, Wendy Williams? Is she hinting how she is “ready” to prove all the naysayers and critics wrong with a new gig lined up? There’s been no confirmation yet of such of an occurrence, so the Hot Topics talker is more than likely just ready to get on with her day in what looks like a full-on cheetah print ensemble.

Despite her apparent fast recovery of late, Wendy Williams is known to struggle with the autoimmune disorder Graves’ disease and hypothyroidism, which were the reasonings for her original hiatus. But with this latest snap, perhaps the tide of her illness is truly turning after all, and she is returning to her “old self” as has been suggested. However, the former talk show host has other problems still to contend with.

Legal and financial problems, that is. After The Wendy Williams Show was officially cancelled, Williams’ ex-husband decided to sue the show for wrongful termination on her behalf. Furthermore, the star herself has lately proceeded with legal action against the publicist behind certain statements to the press about her situation. And, to top it off, Williams also publicly accused her ex-manager of charging up one of her credit cards and attempting to keep her assets under a guardianship, outside of her control.

There may be a lot of issues still to be worked out before Wendy Williams can actually commit to another TV stint again. For the month of April, Sherri Shepherd and Michael Rapaport will trade off as guest hosts on the soon-to-be shuttered Wendy Williams Show, with it seemingly ending for good sometime by September 2022 when the replacement talk show hits the airwaves.

Sherri Shepherd is keeping it cordial in the meantime with, evidently, not-close-friend Wendy Williams. Fans catch future episodes of the final days of The Wendy Williams Show proper, 10 a.m. EST weekly on Fox, as part of the ongoing 2022 TV schedule!

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