Ariana Grande Showed Off Her New 13 Going On 30 Look, And Fans Were Thrilled

The Voice Season 21 coaches
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Halloween is over, but Ariana Grande never misses an opportunity to dress up — or pay homage to her favorite things. As the newest Voice coach took the stage for her first night of live performances, Grande wore a multicolored dress that fans immediately recognized from the 2004 movie 13 Going on 30 starring Jennifer Garner. 

The Voice Season 21 kicked off its live shows with each coach presenting all five of their team members singing back to back. While Ariana Grande was partaking in her first live show — up until now, Season 21 has been pre-recorded — host Carson Daly made sure to point out that it was, in contrast, Blake Shelton’s 232nd live show. And sure, Daly had to remind Grande at the top of the show to “keep it clean” for the live broadcast, but did any of the other coaches cause this type of reaction with their outfit? 

Ariana in full Jenna Rink drag on The Voice. Head to toe reference. Lots of attention to detail. Not a drill.

Well, maybe Kelly Clarkson did draw some attention, with her belt that was the size of Texas, but fans were also quick to point out that this isn’t the first time that Ariana Grande has dressed up like Jenna Rink. In her music video for “Thank U, Next,” Grande wore a red dress like Jennifer Garner’s in 13 Going on 30, and the video included a detailed dollhouse like Jenna's. Fans loved to see the fashion shoutout to the beloved movie. 

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Every member of the Season 21 Top 20 performed during the Live Playoffs, and can you believe not a single one sang “Thriller”? Ariana Grande was all dressed the part, and some Twitter users did question if there was a specific reason Grande chose to honor Jenna Rink on this night. While there were plenty of moments that made the coaches jump out of their seats, there was unfortunately no “Thriller” dance a la Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, despite the fans hoping for one. 

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And did you notice the matching hair style as well? Fashion may have changed quite a bit since 2004, but nostalgia never goes out of style. Many pointed out (and LOVED) that Jenna Rink’s butterfly necklace and bracelets were replaced by Ariana Grande's gorgeous dangle earrings. 

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It was a busy night for The Voice, with no time for small talk, or maybe even a second to acknowledge Ariana Grande’s wardrobe ingenuity. The live playoffs featured all 20 artists, giving viewers their first real chance to affect the competition. Voting will continue through the night, ending at 7 a.m. ET November 9, with the results being announced later that same day on NBC. 

If The Voice is following the same format as past seasons, two artists from each team will be voted through by America. The coaches will each then get to save a third singer from their team. Of the two remaining on each team, the lower vote-getter will be automatically eliminated, while the other will have one last chance to sing for America’s vote. That is also when the winner of the Comeback Artist vote will be announced, and that singer will compete with the other four for the last spot in next Top 13.

Phew! The Voice sure does like its twists and turns. Now that we’re in the live shows, it’s always fun to see the different outfits the coaches wear each night. I wonder if we’ll see any more character call backs this season? The Voice continues at 8 p.m. November 9 on NBC.

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