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Fans Can’t Get Enough After Steve Harvey Drops Full Silk Ensemble To Promote Judge Steve Harvey

screenshot from Judge Steve Harvey
(Image credit: ABC)

The one, the only Steve Harvey has transitioned into his next phase on television: courtroom drama. Well, sorta. He's not an official judge or lawyer or anything like that in his new ABC series Judge Steve Harvey. It's more so a play on words as the iconic comedian and beloved Family Feud host judges people’s problems and life stories. Amidst promoting the show recently, Harvey dropped a full-on silk ensemble, and fans can't get enough of him.

In the much-discussed pic on his Instagram account, Steve Harvey traded in his signature three-piece suit for something more... delicate. The fit is a silk, collarless shirt (blouse?) tied neatly at the hip, with blush pants and white alligator boots to complete it. See the judge himself here:

His fans are absolutely loving and living for all the soft textures and colors going on. One person joked, “Come through pastels,” while another said, “Whoever your stylist is deserves a raise.” But it was this comment that did it for me:

Can see him rolling off chairs with all that silk

The audience for Steve Harvey's ensemble lavished plenty of praise on his efforts. They said Harvey – whose daughter is actually dating actor Michael B. Jordan – was “Big Papa Drip” and “killing the game.” Many also gave respect to his larger-than-life “uncle” persona that continues to attract audiences (and sometimes controversy) after several decades in the industry, with one noting, “Unk be applying pressure all the time!!”  But apparently, we can all seemingly attribute Harvey’s silk outfit to the pressures of a certain famous singer. Erykah Badu herself commented on the post, saying:

See , I been trying to get you in some digs like this .. but you just wouldn’t let habib go.

The majority of the commentary on the star's effortless silk style, though, were curious references to “Blue Cheese.” Now, in case you were unaware (as I was), the phrase harkens back to an iconic episode of his NBC daytime talk show. In it, the Emmy-winning host famously said, “They call me Blue Cheese… [because] I be dressin’.” And fans have not forgotten.

They took it back farther than that even with other reactions to the silky-smooth outfit. Before he was Mr. Blue Cheese, in fact, he was Mr. Hightower on his acclaimed '90s sitcom The Steve Harvey Show. His character was notorious for signature fitted suits that the real-life actor would later be known for. In the words of a real one who commented:

Mr. hightower has always been fresher than the board of health

The beauty of his new “character” on Judge Steve Harvey is such that what he does best is the entire show. Meaning, if you have watched Family Feud just for Harvey's commentary in-between bits, then you get that for the full length of the new show. In the most recent one, Harvey was as flabbergasted by the idea of “chitlins in a bourbon glaze” that a couple were fighting over as the collective is by his abundance of silks. Check out new episodes on Tuesdays on ABC or on Hulu!

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