Steve Harvey Reveals The One Request He Gave His Stylist That’s Led To All Of His Viral Fashion Moments

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After decades on television, Steve Harvey's suit game has evolved as he embraced fashion. But nothing can compare to the current style evolution he’s going through right now. As of late, Harvey has taken the internet by storm as his bold fashion choices have become a major topic. Followers have noticed the television personality mixing and matching prints, patterns, and textures in new fashion-forward ways. With more fans asking for fashion advice from the Family Feud host, he finally revealed what lead to his recent viral fashion.

If you check out Steve Harvey’s Instagram feed, it resembles that of a high-fashion influencer or Vogue magazine spread. The comedian has been turning heads as viewers have commented on his recent posts. As his fashion continues to be a weekly hot topic, Harvey revealed he hired a wardrobe stylist after his wife begged him for years to step up his fashion game. His fashion consultant asked what Harvey’s vision was. That led to the talk show host opening up to Entertainment Tonight about the one request he gave his new stylist:

All I told him [stylist Ely Karamoh] was the one thing I miss was colors.

If Steve Harvey wanted color, color is exactly what he’s been giving viewers. His color choices are a throwback to his Steve Harvey Show days with his rainbow assortment of suits. Now, the palette has become more sophisticated and modern. His sleek ensembles and innovative fashion have put everyone on notice. Of course, in the social media age age, followers have turned him into a viral sensation. They’ve gone as far as to campaign for Harvey to become a DC or Marvel supervillain. All jokes aside, Harvey is making a case for himself to be on the cover of fashion magazines like GQ.

While being the cover model for a magazine sounds great, Instagram is where Steve Harvey truly shines. At any moment, followers can see a fashion editorial from Harvey as he continues on with his busy day. One specific moment stuck out as the Family Feud host decided to mix color and pattern on the set of his talk show.

The marriage between the reflective pattern and the leaf green color translated to natural and artificial being one. But Steve Harvey’s fashion goes beyond work as he celebrated his wife Marjorie’s birthday in style. Check out his head-to-toe monochromatic look at his wife’s birthday dinner.

While the television personality appeared to be channeling his inner pastor, his look was very appropriate for the special occasion. It hinted at the romantic evening he and his spouse were about to share. Steve Harvey has become a regular fashionista while living his best life over the pandemic. So, of course, fans will be waiting anxiously to see what Harvey pulls off next.

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