Atlanta: 10 Gift Ideas For Fans Of The TV Show

Some of the main cast in one of the new teasers for Atlanta Season 3.
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One of the greatest gifts that star and creator Donald Glover ever gave the world was the FX original dramedy Atlanta, which aired its appropriately thought-provoking series finale in 2022. Needless to say, any person in your life whom you would call a fan of the sharply satirical, socially conscious, and just plain weird show is probably going through withdrawals in its absence. Cheer them up this holiday season by giving them one (or even all) of our picks for the best Atlanta gifts we found online below.

Keep on Keepin' On T-Shirt from Atlanta

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Keep On Keepin’ On With This Familiar T-Shirt

In the first season of Atlanta, when Earnest “Earn” Marks (Donald Glover) was still struggling hard to get to get by, he wore a gray T-Shirt embroidered in yellow with the phrase “Keep on keepin’ on” in the fourth episode, “The Streisand Effect.” Remind your loved one of this classic Atlanta episode and inspire them to hold their heads up following the end of their favorite show with the very same shirt, which also comes in various other color combinations to match their preference.

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Atlanta Paper Boi T-Shirt

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Represent Atlanta’s Favorite Rapper With This T-Shirt 

Another good way to make your loved one feel like they are a part of the Atlanta universe is giving them this T-Shirt featuring their favorite rapper, Paper Boi. The design, inspired by the Barack Obama “Hope” poster, is taken from a still of Brian Tyree Henry’s character interviewed on Montague — a talk show seen on the Emmy-winning episode, “B.A.N.”

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Atlanta Coconut Crunch-O's Clock

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It Will Always Be Time For Coconut Crunch-O’s With This Clock

Speaking of “B.A.N.,” that classic and essential episode also features some hilarious and deeply satirical faux commercials, such as one for a cereal called Coconut Crunch-O’s that pokes fun at the Trix Rabbit’s obsessive tendencies while also commenting on the topic of police brutality. Your loved one will be delighted to see the poor wolf from that animated ad finally getting a bowl of his own in the design of this wall clock. 

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Atlanta Teddy Perkins T-Shirt

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Remember Teddy Perkins With This Atlanta T-Shirt

Arguably, the all-time best episode of Atlanta might actually be Season 2’s unsettling and thought-provoking “Teddy Perkins,” in which Darius (Lakeith Stanfield, giving a performance that harkens back to his role in Get Out) meets the titular character, played by a barely recognizable Donald Glover. Unless your loved one is still trying to recover from the nightmares this episode likely cased them, I think they might really dig this T-Shirt bearing a minimalist design inspired by the wealthy and disturbingly pale recluse.

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Atlanta Tarrare Sticker

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This Atlanta “Tarrare” Sticker Is Folie!

Another great episode that is also noted for its creepier elements is the Season 3 finale, “Tarrare,” in which Van (Zazie Beetz) takes on a new persona inspired by Audrey Tautou’s character from the Paris-set classic, Amélie, while living in France. The Atlanta fan in your life can relive that crazy-ass moment on a more regular basis with this sticker designed after the stale baguette Van uses as a weapon in the episode that would look perfect on common items like a laptop, a water bottle, or a travel mug, for instance.

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Atlanta Travel Mug

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Keep The Atlanta Cast Around Wherever You Go With This Travel Mug

If a sticker with a deadly piece of bread on it might not be the way your loved one wants to represent their favorite TV show on their reusable beverage containers, we might have an even better option. Printed on this 15 oz travel mug, made of insulated stainless steel with a polycarbonate lid, is the instantly recognizable image, from Atlanta’s pilot episode, “The Big Bang,” of Earn, Al, and Darius chilling on an outdoor couch. 

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Atlanta Pillow

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Make Paper Boi’s Couch Your Couch With This Atlanta Throw Pillow Cover

If your loved one just cannot get enough of that now iconic image from Atlanta, help them make it a permanent fixture of their home with this 16” x 16” throw pillow cover that can be purchased with or without an insert. While not an exact representation of the scene from the Atlanta pilot, the polyester cover boasts a gorgeous design inspired by it with Darius, Earn, and Al, seen from the behind, sitting on the couch enjoying the Georgia sunset.

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Atlanta Season 3 Canvas Poster

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Add Some Surreal Style To Your House With This Atlanta-Inspired Canvas Print

A great way that the Atlanta fan in your life can make all four of the show’s main characters a fixture of their home is with this beautiful poster, which comes in various sizes ranging from 8” x 12” to 24” x 36”. The canvas print of Season 3’s main Salvador Dali-inspired promotional image — which sees Al, Earn, Darius, and Van standing in front of a vast landscape with clues of their European tour in the background — is a perfect representation of the series’ signature surreal style.

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Atlanta iPhone Case

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The Dopest-Looking Phone Case We Have Ever Seen

Why stop at just helping your loved one make the Atlanta cast a part of their home decor and give them the opportunity to also take them with them wherever they go with this awesome phone case? The durable, impact resistant shell — which is available for both the iPhones and Samsung Galaxy of various generations — has a brilliant illustration on the back of Al, Earn, Darius, and Van on that famous couch in front of a pile of peaches that easily makes it a must for fans.

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Atlanta Darius Quote Sticker

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Give The Gift Of Darius’ Wisdom With This Sticker

If your loved is already satisfied with the phone case they have now, maybe they can just spruce it up with this Atlanta-inspired sticker, which is an especially perfect choice if Darius is their favorite character. The decal — which comes in three sizes and three different finishes — quotes the premiere episode of the show’s sophomore run, “Robbin’ Season,” when the character says to Earn’s uncle, Willy (Emmy-winner Katt Williams), “Nice to meet you, but I don’t believe in time as a concept. So, I’ll just say we always met.”

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Thinking about it now, we never saw an Atlanta Christmas special but, instead, episodes that focused on New Year’s Eve and Juneteenth. You and your loved ones can have your own Atlanta-style holiday with these perfect gift ideas.

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