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Recovering Alcoholic Nick Carter Had His First Drink At 2

Thanks to Leslie’s tragic death, various arrests and odd behavior on the family’s reality show, we’ve known for quite some time that the Carter’s aren’t exactly the Walton’s, but if Nick’s new memoir is to be believed, the clan is a whole lot more screwed up than any of us ever imagined. Apparently, Nick had his first drink at the age of two, spent many of his early years living above a strip club/ bar, watched his parents routinely consume large quantities of alcohol and has been diagnosed with a weakened heart thanks to years of hardcore partying.

In the former Backstreet Boys’ new memoir Facing The Music And Living To Talk About It, Carter writes about all of the controversies without the slightest hint of reserve. He details the time at the age of two he crawled into the bar and went to town in the liquor cabinet and how his parents thought it was hilarious. He speaks openly about gaining fifty pounds partying, and he points the finger at many people in his life including himself. Luckily, Radar Online was able to get its hands on numerous excerpts. You can check out one of the most head-turning below…

“I did a lot of Ecstasy over one particular three or four month period, and I probably regret taking that illegal and dangerous drug more than anything I’ve ever done. I’m afraid the amount I did caused changes in my brain that are responsible for bouts of depression that I now struggle to control.”

Carter has come a long way over the past few years. He still reportedly struggles with drinking now and again, but on the whole, he’s made great improvements. He’s now engaged, off drugs and ready to keep focusing on the important things in life like family and music. Hopefully, he can avoid the negative headlines and quietly put together a long period of happiness and sobriety.

Facing The Music And Living To Talk About It is available in bookstores now. It might not be a Pulitzer Prize candidate, but it certainly sounds like it’s a pretty awesome pageturner.

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