Ben Affleck’s Viral Dunkin’ Donuts Ad Now Has Outtakes That Are More Delightful Than The Super Bowl Ad

Ben Affleck working the drive thru window at Dunkin' Donuts.
(Image credit: Dunkin' Donuts)

As is the tradition for this time of year, Super Bowl LVII’s funniest ads are still being talked about throughout the week following the big game. One of the spots everyone naturally latched onto was Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ Donuts ad, where the Academy Award winner was spotted serving coffee to his wife Jennifer Lopez and a bunch of random customers. Along with the already delightful ad, seeing the outtakes for Affleck's Boston-based commercial makes this all a bit sweeter. 

Thanks to Dunkin’ releasing a new video of hijinks that took place during the actor's shift, more moments of disbelief, mischief, and a little light swearing are now available to experience. Take a look at the fun and games for yourself:

Ben Affleck’s love of Dunkin’ Donuts has never been a secret, but watching him throw himself into the role of a supposedly inept drive-thru clerk shows that love in an even brighter fashion. The genuine surprise on people’s faces makes this second look worth watching, as well as that moment where that guy couldn’t believe that his local Dunkin’ ran out of coffee or donuts.

The original ad that ran during Super Bowl LVII certainly had people feeling a certain way, complete with J Lo Grammy flashbacks as she asked her husband to grab her a glazed donut. Dunkin’ Donuts’ popularity is sure to get a boost from this well-received ad campaign, and that could mean some extra love being invested in the relationship between this caffeine empire and its devoted fan/now-employee.

Should the buzz get to a certain point, there’s a possibility that maybe the major coffee chain will invite Ben Affleck back to wreak havoc on a new round of customers and their orders. At the very least, Dunkin’ and Affleck should consider doing another ad for the 95th Academy Awards, because that would be hilarious, and I think we all want to see the company and the actor working together again.

Acting as another big-ticket ad showcase, that’s the perfect time for an Academy Award winner to hone his craft. In which case, someone should call Matt Damon, who will be reuniting with his Good Will Hunting co-writer in the upcoming movie Air, and get him in as the celebrity guest to close things out. Picturing those two chuckleheads working at the same window is all you need to see why that's a good idea.

While we sit here and continue to develop this pipe dream, you should check out the 2023 TV schedule. You never know when the next ad-friendly event will pop up, allowing celebrities to share their love for the brands that keep America running. Meanwhile, you can see Ben Affleck return to acting and directing, alongside Matt Damon, in the Amazon original film Air, which just dropped its trailer. That movie will hit theaters on April 5, with an eventual streaming premiere on Prime Video.

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