JLo Yelled At Ben Affleck In The Dunkin Donuts Ad, And Twitter Is Having Grammy Flashbacks

After weeks of teases and anticipation, Super Bowl LVII audiences finally got to witness the thing they'd been waiting for. No, I'm not talking about Rihanna's halftime performance, but instead, I'm bemusedly referring to the much-publicized Dunkin' Donuts ad featuring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. In a timely fashion, the ad featured JLo "yelling" at Affleck, and it's given Twitter Grammy's flashbacks to their awkward moments witnessed at the awards ceremony.

For those that were in the bathroom or looked away for thirty seconds, they missed what might become one of the more noteworthy ads of the big game. Luckily, we have the internet where everything ends up eventually, and you can watch it all online below: 

Jennifer Lopez has just a small part in the Dunkin' Donuts ad, but leave it for the superstar to be the talk of it all after she jumped on her beau to get her a glazed donut. To many, the moment might've come and gone without anyone giving it a second thought. To those who have been following the couple's drama surrounding the Grammy's and beyond, however, this was a golden opportunity to meme the moment.

For those out of the loop, this all first started during the 2023 Grammys when Ben Affleck was spotted on camera looking absolutely miserable. While reports from attendees since then have said that the couple didn't seem upset with each other, it hasn't stopped the speculation that Bennifer was on the rocks, with other public rumors and reports factored in. Fast forward to now, and Twitter can't help but make jokes and further egg on the narrative that there's trouble in paradise with the reconciled couple: 

As funny as the jokes are, it's important for anyone taking this seriously that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez filmed this ad long before their fated Grammys moment. Affleck was first spotted filming for the ad back in January. Not that it really matters for those making jokes who keep tweeting out zingers as fast as their fingers will let them. There are even some mild conspiracy theories getting thrown out as if the Grammys incident was all a show: 

It really does make one wonder if the popular acting lovers were genuinely unaware they were on camera when Trevor Noah was speaking at the Grammys or they were just acting. In either case, it appears that Bennifer now has a schtick they can go to when appearing in public if they want to get trending on social media: 

If the Grammys moment was a ploy just to get people talking ahead of a Dunkin' Donuts ad, it's about the most effective pre-game promotion I've ever seen! All jokes aside, it was cool to see the Hollywood power couple collaborate on a silly commercial and give the world something else they were a part of to appreciate beyond Gigli

Super Bowl LVII is raging on over at Fox, and there are still many commercials that have not aired. Keep an eye out during those commercial breaks for more iconic and memorable ads and more cameos from A-listers. 

Mick Joest
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