Ben Stiller Explains Why Pete Davidson Is Having Such A Moment In The Spotlight With Leading Ladies, Including Kim Kardashian

People can’t seem to stop talking about Pete Davidson. The Saturday Night Live cast member is known as much for the women he dates as he is for his work in comedy, and it seems like everybody has an opinion about it all. Ben Stiller is the latest to weigh in amid Davidson’s increasing popularity fueled by his relationship with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s very public beef with him.

Ben Stiller, the prolific comedic actor who has appeared on SNL multiple times over the years, visited The Howard Stern Show, and the host asked for Stiller’s take on Pete Davidson, particularly in regards to his being in the spotlight for his relationships. Stiller talked about the moment The King of Staten Island actor is having, saying he thinks while the relationships are helping to make him popular, it’s his work that people are attracted to.  

Pete is having a moment in time right now. He’s an incredibly sweet guy … He’s so personable, he’s got such a charisma, he’s funny — he’s really funny — but he has become very, very famous, I think, for [dating] and being on [Saturday Night Live]. I get the sense he’s a guy who really loves to work, cares about his work, and I think that’s how he’s going to be known. He’s got a lot of great work ahead of him too, but he’s really funny on the show, too. Like, to be able to go on Weekend Update and do what he does, he’s doing him, right? It’s not that easy to just be that funny and interesting and likable. He’s really, like, taking his life and he’s turning it into material.

Before Pete Davidson started dating Kim Kardashian late last year — a relationship that sparked Kanye West to bribe Michael Che — the SNL comedian had relationships with Cazzie David, Kate Beckinsale, Phoebe Dynevor, Kaia Gerber and more, including an engagement to Ariana Grande. Many have weighed in on what attracts so many beautiful women to Davidson. Chris Rock noted that he's charming, as well as tall, while Kardashian-familiar friend Scott Disick attributed it to Davidson being well-endowed

Ben Stiller seems to agree with those who say it’s because of his humor and charisma, noting Davidson’s work ethic. (Unless the Night at the Museum franchise star secretly uses "work ethic" as a metaphor for the male anatomy.) When Howard Stern asked Stiller if he thinks Davidson is able to be himself because of how public his life has become, Stiller said he actually thinks it’s the opposite. Whether on SNL or in his personal life, it’s Davidson being himself that is attracting people to him. Stiller said:

I think that’s why he became popular. I think that’s why people were attracted to watching him on the show, and, you know, he just has a real charm about him. I think he really wants to act, and he’s making movies and, you know, taking roles on that are real acting roles.

As well as the upcoming romantic comedy Meet Cute with Kaley Cuoco, Pete Davidson has also signed on to horror thriller The Home, in which the comedian will play against type as Max, a troubled man who starts working at a retirement home and realizes its residents and caretakers harbor sinister secrets.

All eyes seem to be on the enigma that is Pete Davidson, and we can’t wait to see what happens next, both in his career and with his Valentine Kim Kardashian

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