Blake Shelton's Other TV Show Officially Renewed After The Voice Coach Already Spilled Those Beans

The Voice recently debuted its 23rd season on NBC, with new coaches Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper (who had a choice encounter with Martin Short recently) joining the seat-turning fun for what’ll be Blake Shelton’s final cycle with the long-running competition series. The country star would no doubt love to end his run with another big victory, but even before viewers can see how all that will play out, his fans will be pumped to hear that his TV future outside The Voice has been confirmed, even if Shelton already spilled those good-news beans a couple of weeks ago.

Without any singing involved, unfortunately, USA revealed that Blake Shelton and Carson Daly’s boozy and somewhat cozy game show Barmageddon has been renewed for Season 2, just over a month after its highly popular first batch of episodes concluded. That’s awesome news for everyone afraid that the Grammy winner might be completely absent from the small screen in the back half of 2023. (We probably don’t need to worry about him joining the food service industry, all things considered.)

Of course, anyone who regularly follows Blake Shelton’s social media posts might have been tipped off on Barmageddon’s future whenever he shared the below Instagram post three weeks ahead of the renewal news being confirmed:

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I guess it's theoretically possible that Barmageddon could hold casting calls for a potential second season without it actually coming to light. It's probably a fairly time-consuming process to go from viewing video submissions to flying people over to Shelton's Nashville bar Ole Red. So it'd make sense that the producers would want to be as far along as possible by the time network execs made a decision about the show's future. After all, not just anyone can jump on TV and suddenly be a Sharts champion.

It's too bad neither Shelton nor NBCUniversal shared any details about who the celebrity guest competitors would be in Season 2. The first eight episodes included the talents of Elle King, Sheryl Crow, Trace Adkins, Lil Rel Howery, Brie Bella, Sasha Banks, Malin Akerman, Jimmie Johnson, Jay Pharoah, Martin Kove and more. Naturally, Blake Shelton's significant other Gwen Stefani was also in the mix, though they didn't compete against each other directly. That'll need to happen next time around, though.

For those who aren't familiar, Barmageddon was created by Blake Shelton and Carson Daly, and features celebrities paired up with everyday folks competing in large-scale bar games with specific twists, such as Air Cannon Cornhole, Drunken Axe Hole, Keg Curling and more. It's loud, it's rowdy, and it features some slightly NSFW language that fans might not hear from his other show.

Blake Shelton won out during his penultimate season of The Voice, with Bryce Leatherwood most recently taking home the gold. He’d no doubt love to also walk away a winner from his final season, especially with Reba McEntire back in Mega Mentor mode, and I’m sure the voting population will make it happen. 

Fans can rewatch Barmageddon episodes on USA’s website with cable, satellite or streaming package subscriptions. 

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