Britney Spears' Ex-Husband Attempted To Crash Her Wedding To Sam Asghari, And Police Responded

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Pop superstar Britney Spears was finally set to marry fiancé Sam Asghari in a ceremony on Thursday, June 9 when her ex-husband decided to crash the wedding. Jason Allen Alexander, who was very briefly married to Spears after a Las Vegas ceremony in 2004 until the marriage was annulled days later, documented his attempt to crash the wedding on social media, and the authorities reportedly responded on the scene. 

As revealed via Instagram Live videos (which are no longer available on his Instagram account), Jason Allen Alexander successfully made it on the grounds of Britney Spears’ home, and then made it inside and up to the second floor of the house while looking for her. Claiming that he was invited, he told security that he didn’t have a gun, and somehow made it to the tent where the ceremony was set to take place, and even said that he was there “to crash the wedding.” 

There were people in the tent, but the decorations were seemingly still being set up, and the ceremony wasn't happening at the time. He was ultimately detained outside after leaving the tent. TMZ (which recorded the videos) reports that police from the Ventura County Sheriff’s department responded to a trespassing call, and were still on the scene as of 2:45 p.m. PT. Event security initially restrained Alexander, and his Instagram Live cut out before authorities arrived. 

At the time of writing, neither Britney Spears nor Sam Asghari have publicly commented on the reports that their wedding was scheduled for June 9 or Alexander's attempt to crash it. Asghari posted in May that the wedding date had been set, but intended that nobody would know until the day after the nuptials.

In the time since authorities arrived, Page Six reports that Spears' ex was arrested after being handcuffed and taken into custody. The outlet also states that this is not the first time that Alexander has approached members of the Spears family without prior invitation or knowledge, as he reportedly did so back in January. He has also posted about her many times on his Instagram, and claimed in a video posted earlier in June that they'd spoken two weeks prior. 

Alexander made an appearance at a #FreeBritney protest in August of 2020, telling Us Weekly that he was there "to show support for the #FreeBritney movement and Britney." He was her first husband, although their 2004 marriage lasted for less than three days before an annulment 55 hours later, and she went on to marry Kevin Federline until their divorce in 2007. Spears has been in a relationship with Sam Asghari since 2016, and she has said that she was not allowed to marry him or have her IUD removed while under the conservatorship. 

Spears and Asghari finally became engaged back in late 2021 following the end of the conservatorship, and she revealed in April 2022 that she was pregnant. Sadly, she announced in May that she'd had a miscarriage, and Asghari more recently explained how he and his fiancée were moving forward

There are currently no details about if and how the plans for the wedding were affected by Jason Allen Alexander's attempt to crash and the subsequent arrival of the authorities, but hopefully they are able to tie the knot and enjoy their wedding. 

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