Sam Asghari Opens Up About How He And Britney Spears Are 'Moving Forward' Following Miscarriage After Some Fans Reacted Negatively To New Post

It’s been a tough few days for Britney Spears and Sam Asghari. The couple had been so excited about their impending bundle of joy they’d announced the pregnancy early on. So, when Spears had a miscarriage, the couple was open about what had happened as well. In the days since the “Toxic” singer has been waffling between posts revealing she’s not feeling up to being around people as much to trying to throwback to happier moments in she and Sam Asghari’s relationship.  

Unfortunately, some fans have taken a recent post from a vacation Britney Spears and Sam Asghari took earlier this year as evidence that the couple is already over the loss of their child. That post, which features footage of Spears playing on the beach and enjoying a day in the sand, also has some comments from people involved believing someone going through “trauma” wouldn’t “be posting” happy moments like this. Other alleged the singer might not be in charge of her social pages, despite reports that Spears approves her own posts and writes the captions

Spears has reportedly taken more control over many aspects of her life since her conservatorship ended, but Britney Spears’ partner seemingly addressed fans’ willingness to state whatever they think about Ms. Spears’ mental state and social media choices in his own post. In fact, Sam Asghari took to Instagram Stories to share a message that seemed to address why Spears might be trying to have a positive outlook despite the recent personal life sadness the couple has faced.

He also noted that he is seeing the positive and supportive comments that social media users have been sending the couple, as well. 

Sam Asghari opens up about he and Britney Spears' miscarriage.

(Image credit: Sam Asghari, Instagram)

While he didn’t address the fans willing to speculate on Instagram specifically, Sam Asghari has defended his famous partner in the past. Plus, his use of “taking things positively” and asking for “privacy” (and the timing of the post) do feel like follow-ups to responses on Ms. Spears posts. This isn’t the first time he has also remained positive despite the miscarriage he and Britney Spears went through. When they shared a joint post announcing they’d suffered the loss, Asghari had commented “we will have a miracle soon.” 

Spears and Asghari had initially announced their pregnancy back on April 11th of this year, following one of the couples’ myriad vacations. Asghari had already spoken out about how excited he was about his “first baby,” telling Access Hollywood’s Mario Lopez he planned to be hands on. 

Absolutely, man. Hands on as much as possible. This is my baby, my first baby, so it’s going to be so exciting.

Our thoughts go out to the couple during the challenging time, however they continue to choose to handle it. As they move forward as a couple, here's wishing them the best moving forward, through all of life's ups and downs. 

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