Britney Spears Opens Up About ATM Freedoms And How 'Belittling' It Was For Others To Make Purchases For Her

Britney Spears is reportedly worth a whopping $60 million dollars or more (though some of that lined the Spears family pockets during her conservatorship). This is after years of successful pop music sales, a stint on The X Factor on Fox, and a movie and TV career that includes The Mickey Mouse Club and Crossroads. Yet for years, she had no access to her funds. Someone was always on hand to make purchases for her, but the “Sometimes” singer recently got candid about her newfound “Free Britney” freedoms and just how "belittling" it was for others to make purchases for her. 

In a lengthy Instagram post that also touched on Ms. Spears’ feelings about her mom and dad and working long hours for money she couldn’t even spend on her own, the pop singer got real about how it felt to note even be able to use a debit card. 

The significance in buying something for the first time in 15 years… security held my credit card for 15 years … when it was time to purchase I always had to step aside and be ghosted as they would type the code in and write my name … it was always a credit card!!! I hadn’t had cash in years… I forgot what it was like to buy something.

This isn’t the first time the singer has opened up about freedoms she gained after the Framing Britney Spears documentary shed light on a conservatorship she’d been under for over a decade. Spears has shed light in the past about not being able to drive. She’s also spoken off about how even little things like going to a bar with her assistant. Spears has said she wasn’t even able to drink a glass of wine before her conservatorship ended. 

Now, she’s explained that she got her first ATM card just a little over a year ago, also speaking out about how hard it was to not be able to spend for herself or even handle cash in the past. 

I got my first ATM card a year ago the exact date, October 19,2021… pretty big deal for me! Hopefully just a few [sic] understand the belittling mortality in waiting in line with a man always ahead of you ghosting you and purchasing things on your behalf… the significance in using your own two hands and do[ing] the interchange of whatever the purchase [sic] SPEAKS VOLUMES.

As she noted, the singer hopes that most people have not had a taste of what it feels like to lose small freedoms. Since Spears’ conservatorship ended in 2021, the singer has been active on social media in ways that have felt authentic to her. She's also taken to social media previously to explain why she's opened up about traumatic moments, noting it all stems from not "being able to expressly openly" anything from her past with Jamie Spears and others. 

This is unlikely the last time she'll take to Instagram to share details about her life during her conservatorship. It's been a long journey, but one that has resulted in dance posts and more from the popular singer

Jessica Rawden
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