Britney Spears Weighs In On Post-Conservatorship Freedoms She's Been Able To Indulge In, Including First Glass Of Wine In Over A Decade

Britney Spears in Make Me music video
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After much debate in the public and legal spheres, a judge ruled in Britney Spears’ favor in November to end her controversial 13-year-long conservatorship. Not only was she not allowed to drive herself during the conservatorship, but faced many more personal restrictions in her daily life. The pop singer would later specifically thank the fans in the Free Britney movement who helped make her independence a reality. Spears reflected on some of the post-conservatorship freedoms she's been able to indulge in of late, which includes having her first glass of wine in over a decade. 

To start, Britney Spears has seemingly been more vocal and carefree on social media since the downfall of her conservatorship. In one Instagram video from earlier this week, though, many onlookers criticized Spears as being “weird” as she danced to Madonna's “Nobody's Perfect.” And she is not having it. She explained in a different post that she was “not trying as much” when it comes to perceptions, adding,

I mean I had my first glass of red wine last weekend !!! I’ve waited 13 years … that’s long enough !!! The sarcasm of me me me … my family taught me well by their actions … to be selfish and love thyself … play on!!

13 years without wine? Couldn't be me – unless, of course, I too was under allegedly super-strict conservatorship rules. I did catch that shade against her “selfish” family, a dynamic which plenty of people only want to hear more about (preferably Oprah Winfrey-style). It's well-known that Britney Spears didn't get along with her father Jamie, who was in charge of the conservatorship and (by proxy) her life throughout the past decade. However, it didn't come out until a few months ago that Spears apparently has a bone to pick with both her mom and sister Jamie Lynn for not helping her change her circumstances.

All in all, Britney Spears is essentially “sorry, not sorry” about how she's now choosing to maneuver her post-conservatorship life. And evidently, this includes more than just funky dance moves and getting to drink a nice glass of wine. She continued in her post,

In a world where we all have the right to speak … drive … buy alcohol … party … have cash … I apologize for INDULGING in front of the masses … and dancing a touch slower !!!

The iconic singer is also indulging in the freedom of being naked for the masses. She has showed off her body quite a few times in the past – to the shock and awe of many spectators – but her latest nude Instagram reveal has gone viral for being particularly raunchy. Note the “free woman energy” caption in the jaw-dropping post below:

If wine and total body freedom are what retirement looks like for Britney Spears, then sign us all up. Her conservatorship is now over, and hopefully she keeps making the most of doing things that she wasn't allowed for more than a decade, if that's what makes her happy. 

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