Candace Cameron Bure Gets Roasted Again On TikTok, This Time By Hilary Duff’s Husband

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It’s been a bit of a rough time for Candace Cameron Bure lately. While she did gleefully celebrate her 26th wedding anniversary with Valeri Bure back in June, the Fuller House actress has also admitted recently to dealing with being in the midst of a mental “dip” right now where she’s having trouble getting motivated to do things. And, in the past week, she’s had to confront reports from So You Think You Can Dance judge JoJo Siwa that she didn’t treat the phenom very well when meeting her on a red carpet many years earlier. Now, Cameron Bure is getting roasted on TikTok again, but this time it’s by Hilary Duff’s husband.

Why Is Hilary Duff’s Husband Roasting Candace Cameron Bure?

With what’s happened in the past week, one would think that TikTok is just bad news for Candace Cameron Bure. Word about JoJo Siwa revealing that the former Hallmark star was the “rudest celebrity” she’d ever met spread because of a TikTok challenge, and now Hilary Duff’s husband, singer / songwriter Matthew Koma has come for Cameron Bure on the social media platform, and it’s all because of her use of the Bruce Spingsteen hit, “Born in the U.S.A.” Take a look at his TikTok post, and we can discuss it, below:


♬ Born In The USA - Instrumental - The Hit Crew

Well, now. I’m not sure what prompted Koma to go looking for Cameron Bure’s TikTok video, since it was posted nearly a month ago, but he makes a solid point. Despite the celebratory sound of Bruce Springsteen’s incredibly recognizable 1984 tune, which was released on the mega-hit album of the same name, the song is not a simple praising of the United States, but about Vietnam veterans returning from war and realizing that they were not being treated well here after their service. So, it’s not really the kind of song that Cameron Bure or anyone else should want to use as a “Let’s get pumped!” July 4th hit, seeing as how it’s about America acting like a big ol’ butthole.

It is possible that Koma didn’t seek out Cameron Bure’s video and it just popped up for him or someone sent it to him, but it makes a lot of sense that he’d be annoyed by her use of the song, as he cites Springsteen as one of his musical influences, and even produced a remix of his song “Rocky Ground,” that the Boss released as a single in 2012.

The past week has seen a number of people come out to support Cameron Bure after Siwa’s reports of her being somewhat dismissive of the star when she was an 11-year-old fan looking to take a photo with her at a Fuller House event. These have included several of those from Cameron Bure’s GAC / Hallmark family like Jen Lilley and Alexa PenaVega, and her daughter, Natasha Bure, who posted and then deleted a rebuttal that slammed Siwa.

To be somewhat fair to Candace Cameron Bure (who’s also been dealing with the loss of her good friend, Bob Saget, this year), there are loads of people who have mistaken Bruce Springsteen’s Top Ten hit as pure patriotism in the many decades since its release, including major political figures who’ve heard that triumphant-sounding chorus and not paid attention to the rest of the lyrics. 

The hitmaker himself noted in a Fresh Air interview that the song was written like many of his others, with “hope” and “pride” in the chorus and “the blues” in the verses, and now that Matthew Koma has called Cameron Bure out for her very common misunderstanding, maybe more people will recognize what “Born in the U.S.A." is really about.

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