Cardi B Heading Back To Court Soon, But How Much Jail Time Could She Face?

Cardi B in the "Up" music video
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Cardi B is heading back to court on Monday, October 25th, for the next hearing in a criminal case that’s been active since 2018. The hugely popular rapper will appear in criminal court in Queens after pleading not guilty to reckless endangerment and assault charges. If found guilty, the “Up” artist could face time behind bars, and it wouldn't just be a couple of days in county jail, either.

At the moment, it’s looking like the max penalty Cardi B could serve for her alleged involvement in a strip club altercation back in 2018 is four years in jail. CBS New York reported that Cardi B had an opportunity to plead guilty to a third-degree assault in exchange for a conditional discharge, but she and her legal team declined the opportunity. 

Following the not guilty plea, Cardi B responded on Twitter to a fan who'd taunted her.

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Cardi B isn’t tweeting like someone overly worried she’ll go to prison, though it’s hard to say if that’s a sign of confidence or just bravado. The rapper only just welcomed her second child with rapper Offset in September, so chances are high that the “WAP” rapper doesn’t want to spend any time behind bars, much less a four-year stretch, especially with the fame and wealth she’s amassed in recent years. 

As previously mentioned, this legal drama stemmed from an incident at the Angels Strip Club in Queens back in 2018. Cardi B, along with several members of her entourage, allegedly threw bottles, chairs, and a hookah pipe at bartenders in the club. The incident reportedly went down over an accusation that one of the female bartenders had a romantic encounter with Cardi B’s husband Offset, and resulted in the injury of two employees. 

Considering Cardi B's celebrity status and wealth, it's highly unlikely that she would get a full four-year jail sentence even if she's found guilty. And her legal team's actions make a guilty verdict also seem unlikely, considering she could have easily avoided any jailtime with the plea deal. 

That said, not all celebrities are immune to the law, and many prominent rappers have previously served jail time for criminal charges of all kinds. Being one of the biggest music superstars in the nation could play to Cardi B’s benefit, but it could also work against her, depending on the judge, who could very well choose to make an example of Cardi B if the evidence is stacked against her. 

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