Cardi B Pens Long Response After Controversial Video Resurfaces Online

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Cardi B has found herself in trouble. As it is common fashion with the Internet, an old video of the rapper has resurfaced online where Cardi B talks about taking men into hotels with the suggestion of sex, only to drug and rob them shortly thereafter. The video was recorded nearly three years ago, but it has sparked a recent backlash for the celebrity, with the hashtag #survivingcardib popping up online and providing a cruel mockery of the recent R. Kelly documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly.

This week, Cardi B responded to these recently dug-up comments by writing that she never said she was "perfect" and claiming that she always "own" her "shit." But she admits that she's not proud of her past actions, and Cardi B ultimately notes that she is trying to be a "better me." Not only for herself, but for her family.

Here's what Cardi B wrote on Instagram.

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The lengthy Instagram response from Cardi B finds the chart-topping musician addressing the controversies surrounding her and the resurfaced video in a straightforward fashion. But she doesn't apologize, nor does she feel the need to apologize, about her past. As she writes in the response, Cardi B has faced many adversities in her early days, and she claims she did the things she "needed to do" to "make a living."

That's not to say she is "glorifying" them, as she notes, but rather, she speaks from the heart and she admits that things weren't always easy and she needed to resort to some drastic measures to make a living before she was famous. Now, however, she hopes that she doesn't have to resort to such behavior, and she wants to prove to herself, her family and her fans that she can be "better" in the future. Because she can't change the past, but she can change the future.

Cardi B has been plagued with a variety of difficulties these last few months. Namely, with her fluctuating relationship with fellow rapper, Offset, who is also the father of her young daughter. Most recently, however, she finds herself suing a pair of vloggers for what she believes is defamation. In their videos, they made bold claims about the "Money" musician, claiming that she has herpes and that she was taking drugs while she was pregnant. Cardi B considers these accusations to be slander, and she is not the least bit amused by the free press they have given her.

It should be noted that Cardi B has been open about her past before. The musician has talked freely about her history as a stripper at age 19, and she doesn't shy away from discussing her struggles during her rise to fame. It should also be noted that Cardi B is planning to make her acting debut in the forthcoming film Hustlers, which tells the true story of erotic dancers who turn the tables on some of their Wall Street clients. That movie, also starring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Keke Palmer and more in its very stacked ensemble, has reportedly started filming.

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