Celebrity Big Brother: Who's Getting Evicted During Chris Kirkpatrick's HOH?

Chris Kirkpatrick on Celebrity Big Brother
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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 live feeds as of Monday, February 7th. Read at your own risk!

Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 is blazing by, but the positive side of the quickened timeframe is that it's forcing the numerous celebrity houseguests to amp up their gameplay or go home. After Teddi Mellencamp’s eviction (which she’s not happy about), NSYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick secured the Head of Household and put two people on the block, Olympian Mirai Nagasu and Actor Chris Kattan. 

The veto, which airs during the episode, is a huge factor in who is going home. Suffice to say, there are a lot of scenarios being batted around the house at the moment, so let’s talk about the possibilities that have been discussed for if the veto is used and what will happen if the veto ends up in the hands of someone who wants to keep nominations the same. 

Chris Kattan on Celebrity Big Brother

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If The Veto Isn’t Used, Chris Kattan Will Probably Be Evicted

The original plan Chris Kirkpatrick had was to make Mirai Nagasu the target. However, Mirai had a productive conversation with the boy band alum on Sunday night, and now he’s hoping to save her from the block. Unfortunately, that would come at the cost of Chris Kattan, though he’s apparently not all that mad about it. 

Chris Kattan spoke to Chris Kirkpatrick — why did Celebrity Big Brother cast two Chris’ with a K last name — and said that he’d rather stay on the block. Kattan thinks that Mirai deserves to stay in the game over him, though Kirkpatrick had other plans in mind. Kirkpatrick informed Kattan that he does want to use the veto to take him down, but there’s a bigger play in motion.

Todrick Hall on Celebrity Big Brother

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If The Veto Is Used, Todrick Hall Will Likely Be Evicted

MMA star Miesha Tate wanted Chris Kirkpatrick to backdoor Carson Kressley, but that’s not looking like it’s going to happen. Instead, Kirkpatrick wants to weaken the position of one of his strongest allies and is conspiring with Shanna Moakler and others to backdoor Tate’s closest ally in the house, Todrick Hall. It’s a bold plan, and at the moment, there’s a good chance of it playing out if either of the nominees, Kirkpatrick, and a few others get the veto. At the moment, this is a blindside that Todrick (who might be the biggest Big Brother fan in the house) wouldn’t see coming, which could make for an exciting eviction vote. 

One thing I’ll say about all of this, though, is that Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 is already chaotic. Situations change all the time in this franchise, and while we may never know the real story about how Nagasu saved herself from an almost surefire eviction due to a delay in live feeds, it seems like the houseguests are enjoying a little calamity this season. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Chris Kirkpatrick backs out last minute, or if we see a completely new strategy form from the time the veto happens to the vote itself. We’ll find out soon enough!

Celebrity Big Brother is rolling strong with new episodes on CBS on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET,  and on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:00 p.m. ET. I cannot express enough how great the live feeds are already for this season (especially with Lamar Odom’s antics), so make sure to snag a Paramount+ subscription and see some of the wild stuff that unfolds we don’t see on television.

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