Christina Hall Finally Shared A Photo Of Hudson After Settling Custody Battle With Ant Anstead

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Celebrity custody battles are often played out in the public eye and can sometimes get a little tense. Such is what happened when Flip or Flop and Christina on the Coast star Christina Hall was going through the court system to figure out custody of her son Hudson, 3, with her ex Ant Anstead. A few months ago, the couple were going back and forth about when it was appropriate for Hudson to show up on social. However, now the custody issues have settled and surprise, now they’re both posting photos with the little tyke. 

If you haven’t been kept up-to-date on this saga, the two famous faces were going through the court system to figure out custody of their kid. One of the things Ant brought up was the fact he felt Christina was using Hudson for paid promotion, as she sometimes pushes items on her social posts. At the time, Hall had clapped back, noting that she was “exhausted” over the “false accusations” Ant had made in court documents. 

Still, she said at the time she had “ made the decision to no longer feature Hudson on Instagram.” Notably prior to her split with Ant Anstead, both he and their kid had appeared on Christina on the Coast. Well, now, the custody battle is over and Hall seems a little more comfortable with the prospect of sharing Hudson like she posts content from her other kids (whom she shares with other ex Tarek El Moussa). 

HGTV's Christina Hall shares photo taken by Hudson.

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Cute Photos Christina Hall Shared Of And From Little Hudson After Custody Was Finalized

Hall shared a photo to her Instagram yesterday and this time, instead of keeping Hudson off-camera, she did show his back. The tyke was apparently excited about taking a photo of his mom and her new husband Josh Hall, with the HGTV star noting, ‘Kid loves being behind the camera.” She also shared the above image which was the photo Hudson actually took to her Instagram Stories, though it's worth noting she does not seemingly want the original Instagram image to be embedded.

It seems Christina Hall is warming up to the idea of being able to share photos of Hudson again. She and Ant Anstead wrapped the custody battle up just a few weeks ago, with both TV names ultimately maintaining the joint legal and joint physical custody they had previously agreed on during their divorce. There were some changes to the holiday schedule at the time, and from additional posts from her ex this week, it seems he may be the one who currently has little Hudson at home. 

Ant Anstead Continued Sharing Photos Of Hudson, Including A New One

Just a few hours after Christina Hall shared her post, Ant also posted about their kid. His Instagram post showed Hudson (and Hudson’s face) as the little tyke helped decorate a tree. A second video on Instagram Stories had Ant talking about the Harry & Meghan documentary before he is interrupted by the arrival of a pizza delivery guy and hollers at little “Hudsy” to let him know the “pizza’s here.” 

Interestingly, despite Christina Hall choosing to not share stuff from Hudson over the past few months – and making some choice comments about not showing Hudson in photos – Ant Anstead has occasionally posted photos of their kid and has even included the little tyke's face. (Some celebrity parents do opt to show their children's faces while others, like Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt, avoid children's faces in posts.) 

At the end of the day, the custody battle may be over, but it still seems the two co-parents are still making different choices this holiday season. 

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