HGTV's Christina Hall Opens Up To Fans About Marrying Josh Hall After Custody Settlement With Ant Anstead Goes Public

christina hall on the season 4 premiere of christina on the coast
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HGTV star Christina Hall has been through quite the whirlwind in her personal life over the past several years. Since late 2016, there have been two marriages and two divorces, while she’s also given birth to her youngest child, Hudson London, and dealt with a custody battle with ex-husband Ant Anstead over that son. Now, several months beyond her secret wedding to Josh Hall, the home renovation expert has opened up to fans about that ceremony, after her custody settlement with Anstead went public.

What Did Christina Hall Say About Her Wedding With Josh Hall?

The Christina on the Coast star has shown fans photos of her second ceremony, which was held for a group of friends and family in September, but the Season 4 premiere of her solo series, titled “A New Outlook,” saw her talking about their original wedding for the first time. While catching up with her project manager and buddy, James, she held up the finger sporting her new ring and revealed that she got married, noting that they “did it low key,” exclaiming, “No more surprises! This is it. Third time's a charm.” We also see the former Flip or Flop host in her talking head interview, where she adds:

At this point in my life, I really value privacy when I can get it. So Josh and I decided to do a courthouse ceremony, just the two of us. Something private, just for us. And then later we'll do a reception for the kids and family.

After splitting from the Celebrity IOU: Joyride co-host in September 2020, she soon found a new love in real estate agent Josh Hall. They went Instagram official in July 2021, were engaged not long after that, and then married in the spring of 2022, which fans were only alerted to by the fact that she changed her surname from Haack to Hall on her real estate license. The two then moved into a new home to better accommodate themselves and her three kids, and she changed her name on social media after their big Hawaii ceremony. But, while so many positives were happening in her love life, she was also dealing with serious custody issues over Hudson, which have now been resolved.

How Did Christina Hall And Ant Anstead Settle Their Custody Battle?

The host of the upcoming series, Christina in the Country, had been fighting with Anstead since he filed for full custody of Hudson in late April (a bid which was denied), accusing her of being an unsafe parent, and later going public with his fears that Hall had “already exploited” their now 3-year-old son for “numerous paid-promotions.” That led to her deciding to stop posting any photos at all of the child on her social media, and to saying that he wouldn’t be seen in any of her shows after Anstead’s “manipulation tactics and false information.”

While her ex-husband was glad that she made that choice, their actual custody arrangements were still up in the air. But, Entertainment Tonight recently obtained court papers that confirm they settled that matter in November. The two will continue to share physical and legal custody, with them also coming to an agreement on where to send him for preschool.

Right now, the parents will switch off having their son on major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, July 4, and Halloween) based on whether we’re in an even or odd-numbered year. They also agreed to each having a seven day vacation time with their son during his three week winter break, with Hall’s plans getting priority in even-numbered years and Anstead getting the same benefit in odd-numbered years, should conflict arise over said plans.

Hopefully, the agreements they’ve come to will continue to help keep the peace so that all involved can simply enjoy as much family time as possible.

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