Could Prince Harry Be Part Of King Charles’ Coronation After All? Here’s The Latest

Prince Harry on Harry & Meghan.
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Prince Harry has been at the center of royal family drama for a while now. The English monarchy was rocked when Harry and his, wife Meghan Markle, stepped down as senior members of the royal family and opted for a new life in California. This, along with an explosive and revealing new memoir from the Prince titled Spare, has seemingly caused a rift that's seemingly created more division amongst members of the family. Now, as King Charles’ coronation approaches, many have been speculating if Harry will be in attendance, and a new report provides some optimistic details.

After Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away last fall, Charles subsequently became the King of England. His coronation is set to occur in May, and it's not too surprising that many are wondering if Harry will return to London for the event, considering ongoing tensions. According to a source close to the royal family who spoke to ET, the King wants the Duke of Sussex to be there and hopes that the family will repair their rift. However, even if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do attend the coronation, they will likely not be a part of the ceremony itself due to them no longer being working members of the family. The source said on the soon-to-be King's reason for wanting his son to be present:

Of course, Charles wants his son at the coronation. It is a pivotal moment in his life. He loves both his sons and wants Prince Harry there. King Charles wants to mend the relationship within the family. They will be invited. It would look terrible if they were not.

Per Prince Harry's numerous interviews and the statements he's made after leaving his role within his brood, there are many factors that went into his decision to step away. His wife was reportedly unhappy with the British press and their interest in her as a public figure and some comments allegedly made to Harry about her by the royals. The Duke apparently felt it was only a matter of time before tensions reached a fever pitch, and he decided to leave the UK with his family and make America his home as a result.

Since their exits, the Duke and Duchess have made several career moves within the entertainment industry. They both participated in the multi-episode Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, which centers on their new lives and the trials and tribulations they faced as a result of being the center of the English media circuit. The polarizing series was hailed for its honesty but also criticized for its seemingly misleading trailers.

Prince Harry’s memoir also divulged a plethora of information about how he and his wife were purportedly treated by the royals and also examines his unique experience growing up in such an environment. Additionally, he discussed certain instances in which the Royal family allegedly tried to control the younger members, using a proposed name change for Princess Catherine as an example. He also talked about a particular fight between him and his now-estranged brother, Prince William, that ended up getting physical. There seems to be a strain on these familial relationships but, if we're thinking positively, maybe there's a chance that the upcoming coronation of King Charles can help spark a reconciliation. 

Netflix subscribers can check out the docuseries Harry and Meghan for a first-hand account of the titular royals' life. In addition, the Duke's memoir, Spare, is currently available to purchase. 

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