Did Grey's Anatomy Just Break Up One Couple Ahead Of Season 18 Finale?

Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 18 episode “Stronger Than Hate.”

Grey’s Anatomy has seen some uncomfortable parties at Meredith’s house in its time, and while the dinner to welcome Nick to Seattle didn’t rise to the level of disaster as, say, Callie inviting Penny — the woman Meredith blamed for Derek’s death — as her date, Nick sure did get grilled by all of our favorite Grey Sloan Memorial surgeons. Surprisingly, though, he probably didn’t have the worst night of all the partygoers, as in the episode before the ABC hit’s two-hour Season 18 finale, we may have seen the end of one of the show's best couples.

It wasn’t a good sign for Nick that Meredith got stuck at the hospital and wasn’t even around to help shield the transplant surgeon from her colleagues’ interrogations. However, that’s not the couple fans needed to be worried about. After spending the evening caring for Scout and Meredith’s three kids, Amelia and Kai discovered that they might not be on the same page regarding family, as the MInnesota neuroscientist said they didn’t want kids, and they weren’t going to change their mind. Amelia expressed that she thought things had been going well between them, and Kai agreed, but they didn’t want to lead Amelia on. 

Is this the end? They didn’t officially break up, but it sure doesn’t look good. The brainy duo were already fighting an uphill battle, with Amelia living in Seattle and Kai being in Minnesota. Kai said it was obvious that not only was Amelia so committed to her own son, she was much more than an aunt to Zola, Bailey and Ellis, and the life Kai envisioned for themself just didn’t include that.

We’ll have to see if their relationship is addressed again in next week’s season finale. That said, I’m not holding out much hope, even though they had really become my favorite couple on the show.

Speaking of the Season 18 finale, we got our first look at the two-hour event, "Out for Blood/You Are the Blood," and as promised, Jackson Avery and April Kepner were spotted at the hospital. While we thought Jackson’s return might be related to his mother’s worsening cancer, the trailer makes it look like he’s there as a member of the board to try to keep their training program from being shut down. Take a look at the preview:

You have to love Bailey ordering April — who is clearly not there to work — to cover the pit. Some things never change, right? It also looks like Owen’s decision to help those soldiers die with dignity is going to have some serious consequences, and will Jackson be the next person in line to get angry at Meredith’s longing to leave Seattle

As the medical drama wraps up its 18th season, it’s also celebrating its 400th episode, so whatever surprises they have planned, there’s little doubt it’s going to be deliciously dramatic. The episode starts an hour earlier than normal next week, filling the time slot of Station 19, which ended its fifth season with some surprising staffing changes. Tune in to Grey’s Anatomy at 8 p.m. ET Thursday, May 26 on ABC, and in the meantime check out our 2022 TV schedule to see what shows are premiering soon.

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