FBI: International's Kellett And Forrester Will Face A New Kind Of Relationship Threat When Season 2 Returns

Forrester and Kellett in FBI: International Season 2
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FBI: International is still in the midst of a break before Season 2 returns to CBS with new episodes, but showrunner Derek Haas has already previewed that a new kind of threat is on the way for Forrester and Kellett. The two have a complicated relationship as coworkers/exes/friends, and they’ll soon have an extra hurdle to deal with. 

Kellett and Forrester’s romantic relationship was going strong for some time in Season 1 before they finally had to break up, which wasn’t easy on either of them but didn’t stop them from caring about each other and still having each other’s back. Their working relationship is solid and friendship seems strong, so will they get back together as a couple?

Showrunner Derek Haas weighed in to TVLine about their future, and it turns out that romance isn’t going to be a priority for a valid reason. He said:

Their personal relationship is on the back burner as their professional relationship is threatened by someone inside the Bureau.

Well, it seems that FBI: International is going to threaten the Forrester/Kellett dynamic on the one front that has been unfailingly strong: their work together as agents. The showrunner didn’t drop any major details about the nature of this threat against them, but fans saw them handle the complication of an OPR investigation into Kellett back in Season 1. 

In Season 1, the team was able to connect the dots that the OPR investigator had some sketchy reasons for returning time and time again to dig into Kellett’s history. Will they be so lucky as to face another threat from within who can be disposed of by finding a dirty little secret? Or will this problem go deeper than the OPR investigation did? 

It’s hard to predict much when it comes to FBI: International, as the crimes take the Fly Team all over Europe, and so much of Forrester’s history is clouded in mystery due to his mom. He has had his suspicions about some people he’s encountered back in Budapest, but that storyline doesn’t seem to involve anybody inside the Bureau who would be a threat to him and Kellett. 

It’s also hard to say when International will shed some light on what’s in store for the duo’s professional relationship. The next episode after the break will be centered on Vo rather than Forrester or Kellett, with a friend of Vo’s from the Navy needing help to find a nephew who has gone missing. Forrester seemingly won’t be with the rest of the team, as the episode description reveals that he’ll stay behind in Budapest while the others head to Crete. 

It’ll be nice to get more of Vo after her intriguing episode of Season 1, but it may not have all the answers that fans may be hoping for after Derek Haas’ tease. Find out when FBI: International returns to CBS on Tuesday, November 15 at 9 p.m. ET, between FBI at 8 p.m. and FBI: Most Wanted at 10 p.m. If you’ve missed any of Season 2 or just want to revisit International days gone by, you can find episodes streaming with a Paramount+ subscription

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