FBI: International's Fly Team Just Dealt With A Big Threat, But The Story Might Not Be Over

Heida Reed as Jamie Kellett in FBI: International
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Spoilers ahead for the March 29 episode of FBI: International, called “Shouldn’t Have Left Her.”

FBI: International split the Fly Team between two different places in “Shouldn’t Have Left Her,” with Raines going rogue in Kosovo to try and find his missing sister while the rest of the team struggled to help from back in Budapest, complicated by the return of OPR Agent Porter to seemingly resume his investigation into Kellett and Forrester. By the end of the hour, the team seemingly took care of the threat of OPR continuing to meddle in their investigations (and keep an uncomfortably close eye on them), but I get the feeling that the story might not be over just yet. 

Porter immediately wanted to question Kellett and Forrester once he was back in Budapest, who did their best to stonewall him as much as possible. In fact, they did such a good job that they couldn’t figure out why he returned for the third time in three months, especially after he finally claimed that he was in Budapest not to dig into their relationship, but to try and uncover details about Forrester’s mom. Kellett connected some dots, and the team discovered that he keeps coming back to Budapest not because he’s dedicated to the Office of Professional Responsibility, but because he found a prostitute he likes enough to keep returning to Hungary. 

While the agents on FBI and FBI: Most Wanted might have stuck to the straight and narrow to go through appropriate channels to deal with this information, that wasn’t the case on International. Kellett and Forrester instead decided to blackmail Porter into dropping his investigations into their office. Porter is out of their hair, Raines saved his sister and returned to Budapest, and things seem to be looking up for the team. 

But after what happened in the previous episode, I can’t help but suspect that there’s still trouble on the way for one of three reasons: because of what Kellett did in Prague, Kellett and Forrester’s relationship, or Forrester’s mom. In the last episode, Kellett worked to protect the Attorney General despite some fundamental disagreements, but ended with the implication that Kellett could call on the AG for a favor if she’s ever in need. I just don’t feel like the show would have set up a lifeline to the AG just to remove the biggest internal threat to the team one week later. 

Of course, it’s entirely possible that the Fly Team will run into more trouble that could use some help from the Attorney General without bringing OPR into the mix, but I’m not ready to say that the case is closed on the FBI digging into its own agents in Budapest. 

For now, you can look forward to new episodes of FBI: International on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, between FBI at 8 p.m. and FBI: Most Wanted at 10 p.m. The three shows will air reruns for the next couple of weeks, however, with the next episodes coming on April 12, so be sure to check out our 2022 TV schedule for some viewing options in the meantime. Or, if you want to revisit FBI: International’s run so far, you can find the series streaming with a Paramount+ subscription

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