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Flip Or Flop May Have Ended, But Looks Like Christina Haack Is Already Back To Work

screenshot of Christina Haack on Christina on the Coast
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After 10 seasons, longtime HGTV staple Flip or Flop ended last week. The show followed Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack – who started out as a married couple but later divorced halfway through – as they flipped shotty real estate for profit. In the final episode, Haack explained that the real reason for the dissolution was due to herself being too busy to dedicate time to it anymore. And true to her word, the star is already back to work on a project that doesn’t include her ex.

Christina Haack Is Onto The Next Project

On her Instagram, the 38-year-old shared that the first week of filming has been underway for Christina on the Coast’s fourth season. But that’s not all. Christina Haack also revealed that she and her new fiancé, Josh Hall, started their own production company together called Unbroken Productions, which will be co-producing COTC alongside HGTV and other companies for the new season. Christina Haack included a pic of their upstart team and wrote on the post:

Having my own production company to produce what I want has always been a huge dream! I love that I have the most hard working / creative partner in Josh and we have this amazing team to create content with. I am so grateful for this new opportunity.

But wait, there’s even more. The new collaboration evidently means content other than just Christina on the Coast. The former Flip or Flop star teased that they will be co-producing “some brand new shows” as well. It’s not clear if those projects are more of the familiar real estate variety or not, but what is clear is that even if the star was too busy to focus on the longtime series that brought her notoriety, she isn’t too busy to take on multiple new ones with Josh Hall.

Did Christina Haack Drop Some Post-Flip Or Flop Shade?

Tell me if I’m wrong here. But given Christina Haack’s commentary in the Flip or Flop finale, the Instagram post seems (once again) a little shady toward Tarek El Moussa, no? In the episode, she remarked how “tired” she was of getting the father of two of her kids to see her vision and that it was “more gratifying” to work solo as a result. And now, she’s gushing about Josh Hall being the best (and perhaps better) collaborator, along with all their new opportunities on the horizon…

Shady or not, more power to her. Tension had been reportedly brewing for some time since that outburst from her ex on the set of the former show, so a change was already speculated to be in order. Tarek El Moussa himself has headlined his own HGTV spinoff, Flipping 101, for two seasons now. He's also had more of a presence on Netflix’s Selling Sunset of late, where his new wife, Heather Rae Young, is a main cast member. In the finale of his former home improvement show, El Moussa affirmed Christina Haack’s decision to end the show, saying that it was “time anyway” while also hinting that there were other projects in store for him and his own partner.

Clearly, it’s the start of a new era for the former Flip or Flop dynamic duo. For the old era, though, fans can revisit the HGTV mainstays on the Paramount+ subscription catalogue.

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