Flip Or Flop’s Christina Haack Gets Honest About Why She Was Ready To Walk Away From Her And Tarek El Moussa’s HGTV Show

When Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa separated in 2016 (with the divorce being finalized in 2018), there was a lot of speculation that their iconic HGTV show Flip or Flop show was ending. That turned out not to be the case, with the formerly married couple continuing to film the series for nearly six more years. However, the show finally wrapped after 10 seasons this year. And Haack herself got honest about why she was ultimately ready to walk away of late.

Christina Haack Shares The Real Reason Behind Flip Or Flop’s Ending

The revelation came on what was actually Flip or Flop’s final episode, which aired on March 17 on HGTV and is now streaming on Discovery+. From the jump, the show was hinting at the reason behind the conclusion, as Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa bickered a bit because the former had other clients and some shopping to do instead of their next flip. Eventually, Haack said in a confessional that she was “tired” of having to sell her ex on her ideas, adding that it was “more gratifying” to design for her own clients who are ”personally invested” in her realizing their vision. In the final minutes, the mom of three dropped the bomb on El Moussa that she wanted to end their business together, saying:

I feel like it's not really fair to you or myself to continue house flipping with you … I’ve thought about it a lot. I’ve thought about it more on the last trip to Tennessee and I think it’s what’s best. I can't be at these houses for you like I should. It's been an amazing run. There's been ups and downs, but it's mostly been fun.

Season 10 as a whole had kind of teased their reason for calling it quits, yet Tarek El Moussa claimed to be “surprised” by his ex-wife’s decision. However, he conceded in a confessional that “change can be good for everybody.” Later in the car, with his new wife Heather Rae Young (who has been updating social media regularly about their pregnancy plans), the Flip or Flop star would admit that it was “time anyway” to part TV company. He also took to social media to thank his ex for the decade of great work after the show ended.

There Had Reportedly Been Frequent Trouble On The HGTV Show

Some time before the cancellation of the HGTV show was announced, there was reported tension already between the two lead flippers. First, Christina Haack called out her ex on social media over an episode mix up – which wasn’t too big of a deal considering they usually rib each other on-camera. But when it was revealed that Tarek El Moussa had blew up big-time on-set with Haack, it was taken as the beginning of the end. Alternate reasoning for the ending has suggested that the show was “too intimate of a setting” for the two exes to still be engaging with each other.

Though the long-running HGTV staple is done, it doesn’t mean Christina Haack and Tarek El Moussa will be gone for good. Haack’s spinoff on the same network, Christina on the Coast, is slated to release its next season near the end of the year. Meanwhile, El Moussa is expected to be seen again on the upcoming fifth season of his wife’s reality series, Selling Sunset, on Netflix. Fans who want to reminisce about past episodes of Flip or Flop can also stream them on Discovery+ or purchase episodes with an Amazon Prime subscription.

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