Looks Like Tarek El Moussa And Christina Haack Are Moving Forward After Tarek's Flip Or Flop Outburst

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Former partners and current Flip or Flop co-hosts Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack made headlines recently when it was alleged El Moussa had a bit of a meltdown on set. At the time, he reportedly said some choice things to Haack, including allegedly calling his ex a “washed up loser.” Now, however, it seems the two have returned to the set to begin filming once more after the HGTV star’s reported tirade.

First, Christina Haack confirmed the news that she was back on set this week, taking to Instagram Stories to reveal a look at her hair all glammed up to film Flip or Flop. (Her profile picture is a similar look.) The co-lead of the series has not spoken out about the on-set incident since it allegedly occurred, but she did share separate posts where she seemed to be the only person making decisions on set for a few days before her co-star was back on set.

People later confirmed that Flip or Flop’s stars began filming together again last Thursday. The original incident had reportedly occurred when Tarek El Moussa had gotten upset with Haack after she signaled an intention to film before he was ready. Reports indicate he was upset with himself about what happened, and now they are back in the thick of things and doing a "Spanish-style flip" together.

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When news of the on-set tirade first broke, reports also indicated that the incident wasn’t the first time Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack had gotten heated while filming. And no, I’m not talking overheated by the California sunshine. Instead, production had reportedly had to break up for the day on a few previous occasions to give the couple, who split back in 2017 and were divorced by 2018, some space.

While the tirade may not have been the first or the last time Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack have butted heads on set, this time was notable not only for the publicity it received but also because El Moussa seemingly brought his new fiancée Heather Rae Young into the conversation.

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Why Tarek El Moussa And Christina Haack Still Work On Flip Or Flop Together

If the two exes don’t get along, why do they still work together, you ask? Well, part of the charm of the show is that they kind of butt heads about what work needs to be done. There are concerns about money and design choices. The fact the two don't always see eye to eye is precisely why fans enjoy the dynamic on Flip or Flop.

In the past, Tarek El Moussa has also explained his feelings about why Flip or Flop has stuck it out, even after they called it quits on their marriage. He said in 2018 that both of them are on the same page that the show must go on, noting,

We've been doing this a really long time. It's part of who we are and what we do. And for us to just throw it all away just wasn't worth it.

The two Flip or Flop stars have already managed to make it through nine seasons of filming together. Production is currently underway for Season 10 and we’ll have to wait and see if HGTV renews the show for Season 11. In the meantime, both stars have moved on from their previous relationship. Haack is dating a new beau Joshua Hall and El Moussa and Heather Rae Young are currently renovating a house together ahead of their own nuptials.

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