Following Amanda Bynes’ Recent Psychiatric Hold, Could She Be Put In Another Conservatorship?

In 2022, Amanda Bynes was released from the conservatorship that she’d been under since 2013, marking a new chapter in her life. She’s since dropped details on what it's been like to live life as a free woman. Unfortunately, Bynes experienced an unfortunate situation this past weekend, which saw her roaming the streets while naked before making a 911 call. The actress has since been placed on a psychiatric hold. Considering this recent situation, one may wonder if there’s a possibility that she’ll be put in another conservatorship. A source has now provided alleged details on the chances of that happening. 

The now-dissolved conservatorship was overseen by Lynn Bynes, Amanda’s mother, who apparently remains involved in her daughter’s personal affairs. A source tells TMZ that Lynn and Amanda’s father, Rick, are concerned about their daughter following this latest incident. However, said person also alleges that they’re not considering putting the former child actress under legal guardianship again following the sequence of events that occurred this past Sunday.

During the early hours of that morning, the unclothed Amanda Bynes was spotted in downtown Los Angeles, where she waved down a car. She reportedly explained to the driver that she was coming down from a psychotic episode and eventually called 911 herself. After being taken to the authorities, they reasoned that she needed to be put under psychiatric hold. Insiders say that the What I Like About You alum was not harmed amid the ordeal. In most cases, a hospitilization like hers can last up to 72 hours, though there is apparently the possibility that it could be extended. 

Her former conservatorship became a major topic of discussion a year ago, with the attention coming shortly after Britney Spears was released from her own. (Though the pop star’s situation had no direct influence on the actress’.) Unlike the Spears’ legal arrangement, the Nickelodeon alum’s was never meant to be permanent. That’s why the Bynes’ were fine with their daughter filing for it to be abolished. A judge ultimately ruled in Amanda’s favor in March 2022, after which she shared a sweet message with her fans. 

By the time Amanda Bynes’ past legal guardianship was put in place, she’d already experienced a number of legal issues. She’s been handed hit and run charges and was in conflict with the NYPD at one point. In addition to being reprimanded by the authorities, Bynes has notably made unusual comments and accusations. One of those statements involved rapper Drake theoretically causing harm to her genitalia

The now-36-year-old star had seemingly been doing a lot better as of late. According to TMZ, she’d been living on her own and taking cosmetology classes. (Said courses are presumably held at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where she earned an Associate’s Degree.) This past weekend, she was set to reunite with her All That co-stars at ‘90s Con before dropping out. Kel Mitchell sent her a sweet message amid the absence. 

One can only hope that Amanda Bynes will be able to recover from this latest incident and continue moving forward after having her conservatorship ended. Her parents seem to have her back amid this latest development, so one would assume that they’ll be working to help her establish a healthy lifestyle.

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