Following Failed Lawsuit Against The Kardashians, Blac Chyna's Mom Reveals They're Working On A New TV Project

2022 has been quite an up-and-down year so far for Blac Chyna. Her lawsuit against the Kardashian family for more than $100 million, which went to trial around four years after it was first filed, was officially derailed after some headline-making testimonies from Chyna, Kris Jenner, and several members of the Kardashian clan. Less than a week after her lawyers revealed their plans to appeal the decision, the model and singer reportedly became the subject of a criminal investigation for battery after she was accused of attacking another woman and damaging her phone. But Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni, who was quite vocal throughout the recent trial, has balanced the scales with some positive news, saying she and her daughter are working on a new show together. 

Having previously starred in her own reality dating series called Tokyo Toni’s Finding Love ASAP!, which followed her eye-catching appearances on The Real Blac Chyna, Tokyo Toni revealed to TMZ that fans can look forward to the mother-daughter pair working together again for a new project for a new platform. In her words:

We are going to do one on my network; it's called the SHN network. Called Talking with Tokyo.

As the tentative title of the new show implies, fans shouldn’t expect Talking with Tokyo to be anything like Rob & Chyna, the reality TV spinoff that was at the heart of her lawsuit against the Keeping Up with the Kardashians family, or other series that features cameras following the stars around in their daily lives. It won’t follow that same kind of format at all, and will be more of a traditional talk show, with Toni saying she and Blac Chyna will settle up in two chairs with a sofa for any and all guests to get comfortable on. 

Tokyo Toni in Tokyo Toni's Finding Love ASAP!

(Image credit: Zeus)

When asked what kinds of guests she’s planning to invite to the show, Tokyo Toni made it sound like anyone and everyone who has a story to tell would be welcomed. As she put it:

Everyday people, celebrities, you, TMZ, bloggers. Come on that stage, sit down, and let's talk.

It’s safe to say no one from the Kardashian or Jenner families would be stopping by Talking with Tokyo, although that would probably make for some killer TV fireworks. Other than that, assumptions are harder to come by in regards to what kinds of people would get booked for the new show, since the SHN Network that Tokyo Toni talked about isn’t exactly a household name at this point. The channel is currently available through Roku TV, with it being touted as telling “different stories about everyday people that we see.”

If Blac Chyna already has a new talk show in the works with her mom, that could explain why she didn’t appear to be extremely upset after her lawsuit was tossed out of court. That said, its forward progress may tie into whatever happens with the battery allegations made against Chyna on Friday, May 6. The alleged victim, whose name is Sequoya King, claimed she got into a verbal argument with Chyna in the early morning outside of an L.A. bar. 

Things reportedly escalated and became physical, with King saying her phone was snatched from her hands by Chyna, who then slammed it into the ground and damaged it. As well, the woman claims Chyna kicked her in the stomach and knocked her down. A video posted online was supposedly recorded in the aftermath of the argument, although the rapper herself has yet to speak publicly about the situation.

While it’s unclear what will happen with that particular investigation, as well as any follow-ups with her prior lawsuit, fans should keep an eye and an ear out for more updates from Tokyo Toni. 

Nick Venable
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