Glee Star Kevin McHale Bluntly Denounces The Docuseries About The Show

kevin mchale as artie abrams on glee.
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Although Fox’s beloved musical comedy Glee ended seven years ago, the series is still widely discussed today and is among some of fans' favorite comedies set in school. The dramedy will soon be seen in a somewhat different light, however, via ID’s upcoming The Price of Glee docuseries. The show is set to shed light on the show’s most notable scandals and tragedies. And as the buzz around the production amplifies, series alum Kevin McHale has bluntly denounced it.

Kevin McHale portrayed Artie Abrams on the musical series throughout its six-season run. He's kept busy more recently, having debuted his new podcast, And That’s What You REALLY Missed, which also features former co-star Jenna Ushkowitz. On it, the two discuss all things Glee, though it was on Twitter that McHale addressed a fan's claim that the cast and crew of the Fox sitcom was involved with ID's new show:

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The tweet comes after the TV network released the trailer for The Price of Glee, which suggests that the series will tackle a wide range of topics related to the beloved sitcom. So although it initially seemed that stars of the show were involved in the docuseries, Kevin McHale made it clear that neither he nor his co-stars have any part in it.

The was not done with what he needed to say about the docuseries. He also made it a point to tell his followers to not ask him about it again:

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While The Price of Glee takes a look at the scandals, gossip, and tragedies of the Ryan Murphy series, Monteith, Salling, and Rivera's tragic circumstances seem to be the focal point. The docuseries is split into three parts, and many across the Internet have seemingly been discussing it with either delight or disdain. Whether this all translates to high viewership numbers remains to be seen.

As for the stars themselves, some seem to be closer than others. Clearly, Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz are tight, but many are still hoping for a full-blown reunion at some point. Amber Riley previously discussed the possibility of getting together with her former co-stars and seemed somewhat hopeful about it. So maybe it’s possible that we could see The Masked Singer Season 8 winner reunite with the rest of the group in the future? Or maybe, at the very least, she could be a guest on McHale and Ushkowitz's podcast. 

One reunion that isn't likely to happen is one between Lea Michele and Chris Colfer, though. While Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel grew to be best friends on Glee, Colfer seemingly confirmed his issues with Michele when he was asked about seeing her in Funny Girl on Broadway.

Considering their histories with the show, one has to wonder if any Glee stars will comment when the documentary series drops. Though it's clear that we definitely can't expect any additional statement from Kevin McHale.

The Price of Glee premieres on Monday, January 16 at 9 p.m. EST on ID. and viewers will also be able to stream it on Discovery+ the same day. You an also stream Glee now using a Hulu subscription or a Disney+ subscription.

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