Would The Glee Cast Reunite? Amber Riley Talks Group Texts And What They’ve Talked About

Amber Riley singing in Glee.
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It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly seven years since we said goodbye to McKinley High’s New Directions. Many stars from Fox’s popular series Glee are still close, even after all this time. That raises the question of whether there could be a reunion or some other kind of special, like what HBO Max successfully delivered with the Friends cast. Would they ever do it? Star Amber Riley shares the possibility. 

Amber Riley, who portrayed powerhouse Mercedes Jones on the Fox series, talked with ET about her new Lifetime thriller, Single Black Female, as well as remaining close to some of her Glee castmates. Riley revealed that she still talks to some of her former costars and weighed in on whether they would ever go back to the halls of the Lima, Ohio school again:

I would like to do something with some of the Glee cast again, just something funny like a Funny or Die moment or something. We talk about it a lot, but you know, like, Kevin [McHale] and Chris [Colfer] and Jenna [Ushkowitz], I miss being on set with them because that was my family and Harry [Shum Jr.]! Maybe something with them. Maybe they’ll get back on set with the ol’ girl and do something fun.

Even though Glee only ended in 2015, it would still be nice to see the cast get together again, especially since many of them are still close. However, with busy schedules (including Amber Riley’s projects), it may not be as easy as fans would hope, even if it's just for something small like Funny or Die. But at least it’s on the table if it’s ever brought up.

Meanwhile, the cast of Glee have shown the strength of their bonds more than once since the show ended. For Christmas 2020, Matthew Morrison and other Glee alums got together to honor Naya Rivera, who died the previous summer due to an accidental drowning. Rivera started a charity called Snixxmas to celebrate and raise money for a good cause, and her former costars have revived it the last two years to keep her memory alive.

A Glee reunion would definitely be a great thing for the fans, even if some cast members aren't that close. Since the show’s end, plenty of the stars have been busy doing other projects. But who knows, maybe they can do something like Friends or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, if Amber Riley's idea for a Funny or Die moment doesn't pan out sooner?

It's worth noting that some of the cast have kept close ties with Glee creator Ryan Murphy. Kevin McHale starred in an episode of Murphy’s American Horror Stories last year, so there is some possibility that if a reunion were to come up, Murphy would be in the know.

Hopefully we’ll see Amber Riley and the Glee cast return to McKinley in the future, but as of now, I’ll just enjoy the fact that they are still close almost 10 years after the series has ended. White waiting for a reunion, check out some of Ryan Murphy’s projects you can watch, and swing by our 2022 TV schedule for some upcoming viewing options.

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