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Grey’s Anatomy: Is There Hope For Link And Amelia? New Episode Preview Suggests Otherwise

Amelia holds Link's face on Grey's Anatomy.
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Spoiler alert! The following story contains spoilers for the Season 18 episode of Grey’s Anatomy “Every Day Is a Holiday (With You)” as well as the preview for the December 9 episode, “Today Was a Fairy Tale.”

Just when we thought Amelia and Link were dead in the water (relationship-wise), Grey’s Anatomy went and delivered a holiday episode, “Every Day Is a Holiday (With You),” where the former couple tried to salvage Thanksgiving for the kids and ended up sleeping together. But don’t get too excited, Amelink shippers. A new preview for the next episode, “Today Was a Fairy Tale,” hints that Link’s love life may be headed in a different direction.

Link came to the rescue in “Every Day Is a Holiday (With You)” when Meredith got stuck in Minnesota, leaving Amelia all alone to make Thanksgiving dinner for the Shepherd children as well as her own. (Between last season’s COVID and this season’s Minnesota, seriously, I think even Addison has spent more time with Meredith's kids than Meredith.) The turkey didn’t get cooked, but the spirits were high, and Amelia watched lovingly as Link and the kids danced it out following their macaroni and Bagel Bites feast. 

After the children were asleep, the former couple started kissing and, even when Amelia clarified to Link that she wasn't going to change her mind about marriage, they still hooked up. It seemed like a promising sign, especially since Link wasn't deterred by Amelia not having a change of heart. But the preview for the next episode makes it look like Link may not be too hung up on Amelia after all, as he gives longtime BFF Jo a smoldering look and admits to having had feelings for her at some point. Check out the preview below to judge for yourself. 

Link and Jo have always been close but in the most platonic ways. When Link was introduced to Grey Sloan Memorial in Season 15, it was established that he and Jo knew each other in college and waited tables together. They supported each other through so many life struggles, including when relationships went south, with neither ever hinting at wanting to be more than friends.

But in the past couple of seasons, their life circumstances have brought them even closer together — specifically becoming parents. Link moved in with Jo after Amelia turned down his proposal, not to mention the fact that Link fostered Jo’s daughter Luna until she could get custody. In the previous episode, which saw the death of a Station 19 firefighter, Link assured a frantic Jo that if anything ever happened to her, he’d take care of Luna. Might their friendship be taking a turn?

A little flirting between single friends never hurt anybody, sure, but to me the preview intentionally made it look like Jo was either appalled or exposed by Link’s admission that he’d had a huge crush on her — and did you see the playful smolder he gave her? Sorry, Amelia, but that’s not really the kind of thing you say to someone if you’re trying to patch up another relationship. Something tells me Amelia's going to be just fine, though. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait a long three weeks before we find out. 

Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC on December 9, when viewers will meet the newest character on the Minnesota side of things — seriously, are they setting up a spinoff with all of these non-Seattle characters? Until then, be sure to check out our 2021 TV Schedule to see what’s coming up through the end of the year.

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