Grey's Anatomy Star Kevin McKidd Just Landed A New TV Show, But What Does That Mean For Owen Hunt?

Spoilers below for Grey's Anatomy's Season 18 finale, so be warned!

Grey’s Anatomy wrapped its 18th season with an eventful finale that put the fate of multiple characters in question. Owen Hunt, for one, was forced to go on the lam after being caught in some illegal activity, and at the end of the two-hour affair, it was unknown where he and wife Teddy Altman were headed with their children. The actor who plays Owen, Kevin McKidd, just landed a new TV role in the upcoming book-to-screen adaptation of Six Four, but does that mean we’ve seen the last of him on Grey’s Anatomy?

Kevin McKidd has been cast to lead the crime thriller inspired by the bestselling Hideo Yokoyama novel, Variety reports. McKidd will star as police detective Chris O’Neill alongside Vinette Robinson as his wife Michelle, whose teenage daughter goes missing. The series was commissioned by the UK-based ITV and is set in the actor's stomping grounds of Scotland, specifically in Glasgow. Luckily enough for fans of Owen Hunt, it’s unlikely that this new project will affect McKidd’s commitment to Grey’s Anatomy, as filming of the four-part series has already begun. Had it been a longer project, a bit more worry might have been warranted, but Six Four's production will likely be concluded by the time Grey's starts back up for Season 19.

McKidd seemed excited to embrace a different character for a while, after playing Owen Hunt on the ABC hit since 2008:

I never take for granted the privilege of being an actor and the chance to become characters like Chris O’Neill, a hard-working serving police officer, whose teenage daughter has gone missing in Six Four. Greg Burke’s scripts are real page-turners, as he keeps you guessing with every plot twist and turn. I’m delighted to be returning to my native Scotland and to be partnering Vinette Robinson as my on-screen wife, Michelle, and to be working with House Productions and ITV on what promises to be a compelling thriller.

Six Four will be directed by Ben A. Williams (Baghdad Central) and produced by Clare Kerr (The Nest). BAFTA Scotland-winning screenwriter Gregory Burke will executive produce and Juliette Howell, Tessa Ross and Molly Bolt are executive producers for House Productions. BBC Studios will distribute the series internationally, with a UK premiere expected in 2023.

To be sure, Kevin McKidd has taken on other roles over the years while still starring on Grey’s Anatomy. That said, a lot of his extracurricular work in that respect has been via voice work, as he’s leant his vocal talents to animated projects including Star Wars: Rebels, Brave and the video games Call of Duty: Warfare 2 and 3

Kevin McKidd joined Grey’s Anatomy in Season 5 as military veteran and trauma surgeon Owen Hunt. His character has struggled with PTSD over the years and always shows empathy to his fellow veterans who come to the hospital seeking care. His sympathies got him into trouble in Season 18, when it was revealed in the midseason finale — as Owen Hunt thought he was going to die after a vehicle accident — that he had stolen drugs from Grey Sloan Memorial to help a terminally ill veteran die with dignity and had promised others he would help them too.

When Teddy (Kim Raver) refused to allow Owen to break the law again for another suffering veteran, that former soldier’s husband reported Owen's actions to the hospital. Bailey, the hospital's chief, said she had to call the police, but she allowed Owen and Teddy to resign from the hospital and gave them a few hours to get their affairs in order and flee. Considering he can't seem to stay away from hectic situations these days, Owen's future perhaps isn't so set in stone, even if it doesn't look like this new TV role will disrupt things too much.

It’s unknown where Owen and Teddy were headed when the 400th episode of Grey’s Anatomy ended, but it’s unlikely that’s the last we’ll see of Kevin McKidd and Kim Raver on the show. Ahead of Season 17 both actors reportedly signed three-year contracts with ABC that would keep them on the medical drama through Season 19. While we wait for updates, be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what premieres are coming soon!

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