Gwyneth Paltrow Ate Her Vagina Candle During A Super Bowl Commercial, And The Internet Has Thoughts

The Super Bowl is always good for some surprising and occasionally controversial advertising, and sure enough, this year delivered with a rather unique ad from Uber Eats. The commercial was meant to show that people can order more than just food with the service, and depicted multiple celebs such as Jennifer Coolidge (who is set to appear in The White Lotus) attempting to eat things that aren't food. We even saw Gwyneth Paltrow take a chomp out of one of her infamous Goop candles and of course, the internet had thoughts about that. 

For those that aren't familiar, Gwyneth Paltrow's company Goop (which is struggling a bit as of late) sells a candle for $75 that is called "This Smells Like My Vagina," and the source material for the scent probably isn't a huge mystery. Paltrow took a big old hunk out of the candle in the ad, and the internet just couldn't resist making jokes. 

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Obviously, the answer to that question is literally no, and she didn't actually eat a candle, since that was clearly not for real. But obviously, there was some clear intention by Uber Eats to get the mind spinning in all kinds of directions. In fact, the ad even featured a small disclaimer at the bottom that read "Prop food. Don't eat anatomy candles." Some people might've taken that as a chance to poke fun at Gwyneth Paltrow, and get a little mean with their replies. 

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But others kept it light-hearted, and applauded Gwyneth Paltrow for taking part in the self-masticating self-deprecating, so to speak. 

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Reactions are, quite literally, all over the place in regards to the Uber Eats ad. As one might expect, for all the positive reactions there were, there are quite a few negative as well. After all, even if it's all implied, some aren't happy about the message sent during the Super Bowl ad. Either that, or they were victims of the exploding candle. Even if vaginas don't enter the conversation, the very concept of chowing down on a candle is too much.

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There’s even a crowd of individuals that are taking the moment and just don’t know how to react. The moment really hit that hard, and there are folks who just don’t know how to cope with it all just yet. 

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One thing that I think a lot of people can appreciate is the level of self-awareness here by Gwyneth Paltrow. Selling a couple of vagina-scented candles is one thing, but to then advertise it by taking a big bite out of it to drive the internet wild? That's bold. 

At the end of the day, of course, the Super Bowl Uber Eats ad did exactly what it was supposed to do. Whether people are amused, offended, or just flat-out flabbergasted, everyone is talking. No denying this ad will be one of the most talked-about of the year, and one that might generate further conversation in the coming days. 

Check out the unbelievable ad below, and no eating the light bulbs!

How is Gwyneth Paltrow reacting to her mic drop moment in the Super Bowl? So far, the actress hasn't had any follow-up on her ad, though she did promote it ahead of the reveal on Instagram. Something tells me she'll remember doing this ad in the future, which is saying something because she's forgotten some Marvel movies she's done. 

Gwyneth Paltrow's candle eating was a stand-out moment of the Super Bowl, though it's not the only moment worth talking about. Let's not forget about that jaw-dropping reveal from the latest Doctor Strange 2 trailer, which should also generate a lot of buzz.

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