How 9-1-1’s Spring Premiere Set Buck Up For A Messy Situation With Taylor

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the 9-1-1 spring premiere episode “Outside Looking In.” Read at your own risk!

9-1-1 returned to Fox for its Season 5 spring premiere, and it was a rough return for Buck. Granted, it seemed like the character handled Eddie’s transfer to dispatch as a liaison despite their friendship pretty well, but as usual, he’s still struggling in the relationship department. Buck had things moving in a steady direction with Taylor (aside from some hangups), but it’s looking like the arrival of the Fox series’ newest character could create a messy situation. 

The episode ended with Bobby introducing two new additions to the team. Buck already knew one of them, and that’s not a good thing. So, who is 9-1-1 newcomer Lucy Donato, and why is Buck upset to see her join the team? In short, it could mean some bad things for his relationship going forward. 

Buck And Lucy Met During A Rescue Mission Involving A Speeding Truck And A Bomb

The 118 was called to a speeding truck unable to go under 55 MPH, or it would explode. Yes, the movie Speed was referenced (not sure how Keanu Reeves would feel about that), and what’s even more surprising is that the firefighters had a plan for this scenario. It was there that Lucy met Buck, and the two jumped to the bed of the truck and rescued the family before the car hit road construction and blew up. Buck was impressed with the fearlessness of Lucy, who worked for another house in the area. 

Lucy Kissed Buck At A Bar When The Firefighters Were Out Celebrating

The firefighters responsible for the bomb truck save all went out for drinks, and the spirits were flowing. Buck played pool with Lucy, who asked if they could share a ride on the way home. Buck claimed he was going the other direction when Lucy reminded him he had no idea where she lived. The two then shared a kiss, which quickly turned into a much more passionate one.

Later, on the rideshare home, Buck told Hen about the kiss. Buck claimed Lucy kissed him, though from the scene 9-1-1 showed, it was mutual. He also added that he told Lucy he was in a committed relationship with Taylor (who had some secrets of her own last year), though fans didn’t see the aftermath as the scene cut mid passionate kiss. Buck claimed he told her to Hen, though, so we’ll have to wait and see if Lucy confirms that. 

Buck Wanted To Tell Taylor About The Kiss, But Chickened Out

Hen advised Buck to come clean to Taylor about the kiss, as it apparently meant nothing, and he’s a terrible liar. Buck later approached Taylor to tell her about the kiss, but when he saw she looked sad as he built up to it, he asked her to move in instead. All of a sudden a potentially sad moment turned happy, and Buck was fine with that. 

Buck told Hen he couldn’t stand to make Taylor upset and decided to switch gears instead. Buck didn’t see the problem in this, as Lucy was just some firefighter he’d likely never see again since she worked for another firehouse. Bobby then called everyone together and delivered the announcement that made Buck and Hen’s jaws drop.

Lucy Joined The Firehouse

Lucy Donato is one of two new members of the 117, and that’s messy for Buck. It seems the 9-1-1 character kind of understated the passion behind that kiss to Hen, and more importantly, Lucy might not know he’s in a committed relationship. That’s going to get messy if Buck doesn’t address the situation immediately, and the situation could only get messier if he lets too much time go by without coming clean and she finds out.

9-1-1 airs over on Fox on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. It’s one of many returning shows arriving in the coming weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on primetime to see what’s going on. 

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