How Another Full House Spinoff Could Work Without Bob Saget, According To Dave Coulier

Danny and Joey sitting at kitchen table in Fuller House series finale
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For Full House and Fuller House vet Dave Coulier, the past year or so has been one full of heartbreak and tragedy, as he experienced what he has jokingly referred to as the “sorrow hat trick.” His brother Dan took his own life in 2021, his former co-star and lifelong BFF Bob Saget died in January of a head trauma, and then Coulier’s father passed away month or so later. Thankfully, the actor has been able to cope with such grief by maintaining his hard-earned sobriety, and he seems as optimistic as can be that the Full House crew could potentially get back together for another Tanner-focused project that would be a direct tribute to Saget himself.

In the months since Bob Saget’s untimely death, his former co-stars and TV family have reunited a variety of times, for dinners, for funeral-related reasons, for mini-vacations and more. To be expected, the idea of another Full House-centric project has come up during this time, and Dave Coulier expanded on that idea during his appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, explaining how the next follow-up could indeed keep Saget’s Danny Tanner in focus. In his words:

We talk all the time, how much we would love to do a show again. We just love working and we love our fans so much and we love the whole process. We just love what the show is and what it means to people. And so we're always raring to go. You know what I would love to do is bring all the original cast back to where we are older now and we talk about our lives and, you know, we can reflect and tell stories about Danny Tanner, and, you know, keep his character alive because he's very much alive in spirit with all of us. We miss him dearly. And so I think we would all do it in a heartbeat.

First and foremost, I think there’s always something more altogether wholesome about the world of TV and streaming whenever there’s a Full House project currently airing. As more and more series push the envelope and up the ante by way of excessive crime, violence and explicit language, it’s a comforting thought to know that there’s at least one show out there that can turn the world on with a smile. Wait, no, that’s The Mary Tyler Moore Show. On Full House and Fuller House, the most blatant four-letter word was “love.”

So in that sense, I’d happily join millions of other fans in supporting the process of bringing the jokingly titled Fullest House into existence in one way or another. I have to imagine the project would be on par with This Is Us in the sense of each episode requiring its own tissue dispenser, too. And not just for viewers, but for Candace Cameron Bure, Dave Coulier, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber, John Stamos and anybody else who would sign on to pay season-long homage to Bob Saget’s magnificence as a TV dad. 

To play the devil’s advocate, though, I can’t help but think it would be strange for a TV show to just have a family sitting around reminiscing about a character who’d passed away. Obviously, Full House’s central narrative kicked off with the Tanner matriarch Pam dying, which sparked Dave Coulier’s Joey to move into the house as a surrogate-esque uncle. So the whole idea of death leading to togetherness is definitely right up this mini-franchise’s alley.

Of course, that’s assuming we’re talking about a full season of 10-20 episodes. If that’s not the case, I could more easily see and embrace a feature-length holiday special or something of that sort, with the family coming together for their first Christmas or someone’s birthday after Danny’s death, giving all of the characters a chance to reflect and honor Saget’s memory and impact. 

Plus, if they went for more of a limited-scope project, it might even convince Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to legitimately contemplate a return to television as the long-absent Michelle Tanner. I mean, that probably won’t happen, but considering they actually went public following Saget’s death, it’s dangling from a thread of possibility.

During the same interview with Tamron Hall, Dave Coulier discussed having spoken with Bob Saget for the last time on the same day he died, hours ahead of the stand-up comedian’s final on-stage performance. The conversation certainly wasn’t indicative of the wave of mourning to come, as Coulier said they were texting each other and laughing. As they say, it’s always the best way to leave them.

With any luck, Coulier and his other former co-stars can find a long-lasting and meaningful way to pay tribute to Bob Saget through the Full House-verse. While waiting to see where things go, all five seasons of Fuller House are available to stream with a Netflix subscription

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