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Full House's Dave Coulier Celebrates 2 Years Sober With Look Back At Time He Injured His Face Drinking

Dave Coulier as Uncle Joey on Fuller House.
(Image credit: Netflix)

Dave Coulier and the entire Full House family have had a tough year, after Bob Saget unexpectedly passed away in January. The Uncle Joey actor has stayed close to the TV Tanners and is often seen hanging out with Candace Cameron Bure, who played his TV quasi-niece DJ. As they continue to work to process their grief, however, Coulier is also taking time out to reflect on his personal achievements. The comedian recently celebrated two years sober, and he shared a sad photo that showed the consequences of his alcohol abuse.

In an Instagram post showing his face with multiple cuts and scratches, Dave Coulier recalled an accident he’d had while drunk, in which he fell going up some stone stairs. The comedian looked really banged up, and the photo shows how far he’s come since he quit drinking January 1, 2020. Take a look for yourself.

The actor reflected on his drinking days, saying he was the "life of the party," and that nobody enjoyed grabbing "beers with the boys" more than he did. It came at a price, though, as he said that eight hours of drinking would lead to two days of "feeling like a bowl of dog mess."

It's so important that Dave Coulier take the time to celebrate this achievement. Two years is a long time, especially with everything that's happened since January 2020, and sobriety can be a day-to-day struggle for some. 

As to be expected, he wasn't left to celebrate alone. Several of the Full House family showed up in the comments to support "Uncle Joey" amid the milestone. Bob Saget’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, was even among them, commenting “Love you Dave,” with heart emojis. Scott Weinger, who played Steve on both Full House and its Netflix sequel Fuller House, left applause and heart emojis.

Candace Cameron Bure joined in the show of love for her friend, commenting, “Love you and always proud of you,” and her on-screen BFF Andrea Barber, who played Kimmy Gibler, also showed her support, saying, "I love you and I’m so proud of you. You inspire me!"

Dave Coulier’s biggest supporter, however, seems to be his wife Melissa. The actor thanked his wife, who he married in 2014, for sticking by him through everything, including the withdrawal process that he called a “big challenge.” 

The mental and physical withdrawal were big challenges for me, but I was supported by @melissacoulier and friends who had already made the journey. The psychological and physical transformation has been amazing. The sky is more blue, my heart is no longer closed, and I enjoy making people laugh until they fall down more than ever before. Thank you, Melissa, for being by my side. I love you.

It's no easy task watching someone you love suffer in such a way, both in the addiction and the withdrawal, and it sounds like Dave Coulier is in a much better place now, surely thanks in no small part to his wife. She also commented on his Instagram post: "SO proud of you. I love you and your strength so much!!"

It's so great to see that the actor is taking care of his health and has been able to see such success in his sobriety, despite everything that's happened over the past two years. He joined some of his former castmates at 90s Con in Connecticut recently, where he even expressed interest in reprising the role of Joey Gladstone again, perhaps someday in Fullest House. Co-stars Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber were right there with him, immediately saying they were "totally" on board. 

We'll definitely be hoping for that project to come to light someday! In the meantime you can see Uncle Joey in action on Full House, available for streaming with an HBO Max subscription, of on Fuller House with a Netflix subscription.

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