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How Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s Jackie Goldschneider Feels Now About Co-Star Teresa Giudice Repeating That Massive Rumor About Her Husband

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The last season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey went to hell in a handbasket, as we like to say in the South. Teresa Giudice repeated a massive cheating rumor about Jackie Goldschneider’s husband – at Jackie Goldschneider’s husband’s own backyard birthday party – to everyone in attendance. At the time, Goldschneider was absolutely livid with her co-star for spreading a flat-out “lie,” but in the new season, the two have seemed to work things out. Or have they? In light of the rumor getting mentioned yet again in recent episodes, the reality star shares how she feels now about Giudice and the situation.

Specifically, Jackie Goldschneider’s husband Evan was accused of having a girlfriend on the side that he met at the gym. It was debunked for the most part, yet Teresa Giudice decided to use it as a comparison in Season 12. The formerly incarcerated mother of four claimed that bringing up what only amounted to a rumor last year was somehow better than what Margaret Josephs did in exposing a real cheater in Jennifer Aydin’s husband Bill. Goldschneider alleged to Entertainment Tonight that Giudice’s intent was essentially selfish, saying,

I mean, Teresa, I don't think she's a bad person, I just think that she tells herself what she wants to believe. She wants to believe-- especially now she's with Louie [Ruelas], who's all about like being reflective and being your best self -- and I think she knows she did something really bad last year and she doesn't want to appear to him like she's a bad person. So she's trying to validate what she did last year.

To be fair, Teresa Giudice clearly just wanted to defend Jennifer Aydin when she was feeling outcast by the group. However, given all the flak she had to overcome in the first place for the Goldschneider allegations, one would’ve thought she would let that sleeping dog lie, so to speak. But Jackie Goldschneider herself isn't totally salty about the rumors anymore, regardless. She said to the outlet,

I think that's her way of doing it. It makes no sense to anybody. I'm not even sure it makes sense to her, but I don't care anymore. I really, when I let go of last year, I really let go of it. Evan and I know our truth. I mean, 90 percent of the world knows our truth. Of course, there's still going to be people no matter what who think that Evan has a girlfriend at the gym and great, I can't control the whole world. I had to let go of that. So, I mean, it doesn't even bother me anymore. So whatever she wants to believe, let her believe she knows what she did.

I’m sensing a little bit of shade there… It would appear Jackie Goldschneider and Teresa Giudice are still on tenuous ground in the wake of the cheating rumors and their subsequent fight about using Gia in a cocaine analogy. Giudice’s friendship with Margaret Josephs is apparently also shaky, according to the longtime Real Housewives of New Jersey star. (Things got particularly intense between them in the latest episode concerning Louie Ruelas’ motives for being on the show in the first place.)

Teasers suggest that the fights only escalate from here on out. Hopefully, it doesn’t come to actual blows like it has in the past. Stay tuned for new episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo on Tuesdays at 9pm EST!

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