How Saturday Night Live Cast Members Feel About Kim Kardashian Hosting Amidst Online Drama

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Out of all the things Kim Kardashian has in the works – such as building an underground vault and becoming a lawyer – hosting the upcoming season of Saturday Night Live is the one that has the most people talking right now. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has divided the Internet concerning whether or not a former reality TV star deserves the position, which only got worse when Will & Grace star Debra Messing chimed in with a less-than-enthused take. However, some of SNL's cast members have a different perspective on Kardashian joining their ranks.

Kim Kardashian is slated to host Saturday Night Live on October 9, with Halsey as her musical guest. It's her first time to have the gig, which sounds stressful enough to prepare for. But after Debra Messing's tweet that spurred more drama online, the pressure is most assuredly on. SNL co-stars Ego Nwodim and Heidi Gardner are looking forward to the collaboration, though, as Nwodim told ET Online:

We are excited. I can't speak to what everyone in the cast feels, but Heidi and I have talked and we've decided to be honorary Kardashian sisters. It’s just exciting for us to be part of a show where we have someone come in who doesn't necessarily do what we do and is not into what we do. Then we get to elevate them and make them look good and make them have fun and bring out sides of them that people haven't otherwise seen. So we're hopeful.

It seems likely that Saturday Night Live will continue its long-running bit of featuring various Kardashian-Jenner antics on the show – even with Kim Kardashian hosting. My theory is that former castmate Nasim Pedrad will be brought back to briefly reprise her iconic impression of Kim Kardashian. If so, it would be hilarious if some kind of skit between them took place that closely resembles that Spiderman meme. (You know the one.)

The current SNL cast members aren't the only ones to share their thoughts on Kim Kardashian hosting the show. Vanessa Bayer, who in fact played Kourtney Kardashian during her time on SNL, was asked about the drama surrounding Kim Kardashian’s hosting duties on Watch What Happens Live. She too didn’t see the harm, saying she's excited to see "different hosts bring different energies and different skills.”

Twitter fans have also rallied to support Kim Kardashian hosting Saturday Night Live. In an effort to dismiss Debra Messing's insinuation that only current performers should be chosen, they rightly pointed out that even the likes of Elon Musk has taken on the responsibilities before. SNL often brings up the latest controversies on the air in skits, so maybe we're about to see a Debra Messing impression as a result of the drama.

Saturday Night Live has lost a few key players for the upcoming season. But the show will still go on, as it has for the past 40-plus years. Actor Owen Wilson will be joined by musical guest Kacey Musgraves in the October 2 premiere of the 47th season. Then right after Kim Kardashian’s stint, it will be Rami Malek and Young Thug, then SNL alum Jason Sudeikis and Brandi Carlile.

One thing is absolutely certain, though: Kim Kardashian will make some waves no matter how she fares on Saturday Night Live. I'm not the only one who would like to see her host the entire thing in her fetish mask and suit from the Met Gala, right? To see how it goes, tune into NBC on October 9.

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